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Top 8 Ways To Keep Heart Healthy naturally

Every person on this planet is scared of Heart attacks and other dreadful life-threatening heart diseases. You don't have to make big differences in your daily health regimen to keep your heart healthy naturally. Heart Attack Symptoms are often different. Before I jump into the nuts and bolts of how to keep heart healthy naturally, I want to review what is a heart attack and types of heart diseases.

What is Heart Attack

A heart attack can be defined in easy terms as sudden blockage of blood flow to the heart muscles. the blockage of an artery can be due to building up of plaques in coronary arteries or thrombus formation or narrowing of arteries.

Types of Heart Diseases

A most common type of heart disease you will find is CAD (coronary artery disease) in which coronary arteries don't get enough blood and oxygen due to blockage of the artery. This may cause sudden death without warning. Other common types of heart diseases include -Abnormal heart rhythm (arrhythmias), heart failures, heart valve disease, congenital heart disease, Infarctions, and Ischemias. Actually, this is a very broad topic of types of heart disease which is even difficult to diagnose for the doctor as well. I will try to cover some important related topic especially treatment part in future.

How to keep the heart healthy naturally

1. Go For Exercise

Studies have shown people who are less active are more prone to heart attacks than the active people. Healthy Dietician said Aerobic exercises are most beneficial for the heart. Cardiovascular exercises increase blood flow towards the body and also widen up blood vessels. Morning and evening brisk walk is also effective for the heart.

2. Follow Healthy Diet

No matter how much you busy carve out time to make your heart-healthy diet. An unhealthy diet full of trans fat, sugary and salt-laden foods can contribute to weight gain, high blood pressure, and raise in cholesterol level in blood - all of which are risk factors for heart disease. Below I have shared about lists of foods good for heart health.

3. Stay Stress-Free

In the 21st Century, it is more common to have stress in life- whether you be at the office or home and these stressful circumstances increases heart disease risk. Embrace stress-free life and live healthily.

4. Quit Smoking

Smoking is a significant villain in heart health. Chain smokers are twice likely to have a heart attack than a normal nonsmoker. Chances increases if you are active smoker or history of smoking cigarettes.

5. Cut Back On Alcohol

Binge drinking can lead to raising triglycerides in the blood and further chances of heart stroke and obesity majorly. The lesser the picture of alcohol in your mind the easier on cut alcohol and save your heart.
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6. Eat Less Sugar

If you really have sugared tooth, it's hard for you to limit processed sugar or sugary products but you can revive sweetness in your diet through fruits and natural yogurts. Heart disease and diabetes are interlinked by conscience. Eating too much sugar or processed sugar lead to weight gain, which increases blood pressure and risk of heart diseases.

7. Limit On Bad Fat

Bad fats sources include fatty cuts of beef, pork, and lamb and high-fat dairy foods. These fats elevate the harmful LDL cholesterols in blood and decrease the good high HDL cholesterols which are very dangerous to heart health. Whereas, monounsaturated fats are one of the types of heart-healthy fats, commonly found in olive oil. Maintain a healthy weight by targeting BMI(Body Mass Index) below 25.

8. Avoid Red Meats & Processed foods

Red meats are high in saturated fat which is bad fat for health and their consumption increases blood cholesterol and thereby increases the risk of heart diseases.
Studies conducted in 1990 and before claimed that red meat cannot be part of a healthy diet. The new evidence stated when red meat is taken in moderation can be a part of the heart-healthy diet.

Early Signs Of Heart Attack

Few of the symptoms which could prevent your life-risking to Jeopardy. Make yourself able to recognize early signs and symptoms and act quickly, however, can save a life. Let's head to see early signs and symptoms of heart attack-

  • Unbearable pressure, fullness, squeezing feeling in the chest.
  • Pain or discomfort in one or both arms, in most cases, the left side is more painful.
  • Shortness of breath or dyspnea.
  • Heart flutters or palpitations(especially in women)
  • Nauseating feeling
  • Lightheadedness
  • Breaking out in cold sweat.
While chest pain may be the most common symptom of heart attack, but not all people experience the same.
Some people don't experience any symptoms at all. Heart attacks that occur without any symptoms or very mild symptoms are called silent heart attacks.

What To Do During Anyone Gets These Symptoms

Heart Attacks are medical emergencies and everyone should know heart attack first aid. Ohh! way back heart attack taken thousands of lives in seconds and ever since it introduced has become super medical emergencies.

Many people consider themselves a healthy living being and when they actually getting these symptoms they misdiagnose the symptoms because they don't think it could happen to them.
So in future, if you or anyone around you experience the above signs and symptoms, please take the following steps.

  • Seeking help from others is primarily important because you cannot handle yourself by own.
  • Dial 9-1-1 immediately if you get above symptoms for a longer period. Make sure you follow the operator's instructions and get to the right hospital.
  • Driving yourself is very dangerous in this situation. So have someone who can drive you to the hospital
Calling 9-1-1 is an immediate thing you should do and an operator may recommend you to take one aspirin.

What Foods Are Best To Keep Heart Healthy

Definitely, you can reduce the risk of heart and circulatory diseases from developing by making a healthy choice of foods on an everyday basis.
The diet for heart-healthy includes the following list
1. Fishes
2. Healthy Nuts
3. Berries
4. Good Wines
5. Dark Beans
6. Spinach
7. Oatmeal
8. Dark Chocolates
9. Tomatoes
10. Broccoli

I know you guys need a detailed and comprehend on Best foods for heart patient which I'll surely cover in my upcoming post, so till then stay tuned with Eureka Of Life. I hope guys this helped you and gave enough information.



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Benefits of Macadamia Nuts

What are Macadamia Nuts?

Macadamia Nuts are the nuts with sweet, crunchy, flavorsome, delicious taste and full of energy source and health-benefiting nutrition obtained from Macadamia tree originated from the North Eastern part of Australia. Macadamia nuts are very hard, woody and rough brown kernel from outside and have seeds inside which are actually edible part(white) of the kernel.

Image source: Pixabay

Macadamia nuts are also commonly called Australia Nuts, Bush Nuts, Queensland Nuts, and Hawaii Nuts. Macadamia nuts are the most expensive nuts in the world.

Macadamia Nuts are the most expensive nuts in the market because macadamia tree produces fruits only after seven to ten years of fruitful nurturing with fertile soil, heavy rainfall, and free space.

Raw nuts like Macadamia nuts have been proven to help the trim waistline. Universities and other research centers experimented that people who excluded nuts from their diets or substituted with other foods have gained weight rather than trimming down.

Here are Macadamia nuts nutrition facts (100g of Macadamia nuts)

  • Macadamia nuts contain 'zero' trans fat(bad fats) and 12g of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in 100g of serving.
  • It delivers 23% i.e. 8.6g of the daily recommended value of dietary fibers.
  • Due to its high protein deliverables of 7.91g, it is recommended for building muscles.
  • It is a high energy source approx 720kcal.
  • It is a rich source of iron.
  • High supplier of essential Vitamins.
  • Rich in minerals like potassium and calcium.

Benefits Of Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia Nuts having plenty of benefits healthwise which are described below.

Support Heart Health

Macadamia nuts contain zero trans fat. Trans fatty acids usually raise your bad LDL and which make you prone to heart diseases. Not only this science has proven that trans fat lowers the good HDL cholesterol which is more dangerous.

Macadamia nuts are far far away from above repercussions. Macadamia nuts contain a generous amount of monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acids called oleic acids supports healthy fats and keep the heart healthy.

Selenium is a cardioprotective trace element which macadamia nuts of 100g serve 3.6ս and supports good health of the heart.

Control Blood Sugar Level

Macadamia nuts have shown a decrease in glycemia in a diabetic patient who consumed theses nuts continuously as compared with diabetic people who not consumed these nuts. Bioactive compounds, minerals in these nuts balance the blood sugar level optimally.

Aid Weight Loss

Macadamia nuts are categorized to healthy snack and associated with weight loss. Many of you might be thinking macadamia nuts 60% is fats then how come help in weight loss. But 34% of dietary fibers mainly bring this magical change. Soluble dietary fibers form a bond with water and give satiety. This way macadamia nuts help weight loss.

In addition, macadamia nuts are the good source of palmitoleic acids which is a type of monounsaturated fatty acids with excellent fat metabolism property. This high fat snack contains net 1.6g of low carb at one serving which is another proven low carb food contributor in weight loss.

Since macadamia nuts are gluten-free, it is beneficial in gluten-free diet formula. Gluten-free foods are great alternatives for gluten allergy and celiac disease, so here come nuts like macadamia nuts.

Keeps Blood Pressure under control

Blood Pressure has a direct link with minerals present in nuts. Nutrients like Sodium and Potassium keep blood pressure in check. Macadamia nuts could help you maintain healthy blood pressure.

Strengthen Vascularity

Almost every nut, cashews, almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts, pecans contain amino acid l-arginine which juggles with multiple vascular benefits especially people with coronary heart disease and vascular diseases.

Make you look younger

Macadamia Nuts contain an adequate amount of Vitamin A and Vitamin E and fat-soluble fibers which are potent antioxidants and protect cell membranes from harmful free radicals. Oxidative degeneration brings early damage to tissue means collagen lose its elasticity and activity. So nuts prevent you from all these deteriorations and make you look younger.

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Make Bone & Teeth Strong

Macadamia nuts are the great source of Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium which contribute to bone strength and bone demineralization. 

Reduce Inflammations

The study suggested that macadamia nuts help relieve inflammation. Also, Macadamia nut oil is best in treating inflammation. Inflammation is the main cause of diseases like heart diseases, cancers, diabetes, and weight gain. Nuts fight for all these diseases and prevent our body.

Improves gut health

Macadamia nuts are the good source of soluble and insoluble fibers - flushes toxin out. Macadamia Nuts also a good source of B-complex Vitamins like thiamine (B1), Pyridoxine (B6), Niacin(B7), and Riboflavin(B2). 

Stress Reliever

Vitamin A plays an essential role in brain function and mood elevation. Omega-3 fatty acids in these nuts help to make mood happy. Making it a go-to snacks can regularly fulfill the daily recommended value of vitamins and other minerals.

Improve Brain Function

Nourish the brain function with an outstanding source of copper, vitamin B1, manganese in this nuts help in the production of neurotransmitters, brain and cognitive function takes place effectively.

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USFDA approves health claim "Supportive but not conclusive research shows that eating 1.5 ounces per day of macadamia nuts, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol and not resulting in an increased intake of saturated fat or calories may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.”

Some Macadamia Nuts Facts

  • Macadamia nuts are the most expensive nuts in the world.
  • National Macadamia Nut day is celebrated annually on September 4th. 
  • No other nut seed is as sweet as Macadamia nuts
  • The United States is the highest consumer of Macadamia nuts and Japan places distantly at the second position in the world.
  • The largest production of Macadamia nuts is cultivated on the island of Hawaii.
  • Macadamia nuts are not plucked from the tree instead fallen after they ripen.
  • Macadamia tree produces nuts only after success reaps of a tree for 7-10 years along with requires adequate rainfall and fertile soil.

How To Buy Fresh And Original Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts are available as raw and roasted. If you want them without shells then nowadays you can easily get them without shells. If you looking for more nutrients to extract I would suggest buy them raw and anyways you can roast them at your home. I would suggest buy from trust worthy sites like Amazon or you go direct to shopping mart to buy. Here's the easiest and safest way to buy from amazon-

Takeaway: Include handful of Macadamia Nuts buttery, fresh, delicious nut in your diet for better health. 



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Tampons For A Woman Is Really A Concern Or Boon?

Tampon For A Woman Is Really A Concern Or Boon?

We all are well versed with Pad or sanitary pad, a typical period product which absorbs menstrual blood to a limit. Today I gonna share you alternative to Pad, How to use tampon, problems which women face during her period using pads or tampons and which is best tampons or pads.

Other menstrual period products may seem bizarre at first glance, but believe me, they are particularly to shape our period problems. Well known gynecologist Alex Hooi done research about tampon and a women life. Research revealed the strangest thing about the number of Pads that a woman in her entire life uses 11,000 pads at minimalist.

Problems Faced With Sanitary Pad

  • Fear of getting clothes stained
  • Fear of Leak
  • Feeling Bulky with Pads
  • Fear of getting misplaced
  • Bad Odor
  • Less freedom

What Are Alternatives To Sanitary Pads

Using ordinary sanitary napkin or pad while you are bleeding gives the big risk of staining and leaking, whereas opting for a tampon or menstrual cup gives you the surety of not ruining your dress and day. Definitely, modern sanitary products have made feminine hygiene easier and convenient, but everything comes with a price.

What are Tampons and Menstrual Cups

Tampons are the small tube-like structure made of absorbent material like cotton or synthetic fiber(depend on brands) and one string attached to the end as you can see in the image. It's a modern form of menstrual protection, a comfortable, no drawback period product which solves all the period problems at once.  This fits into your vagina and soaks up the menstrual blood.

Menstrual cups are exactly how it sounds like— bell-shaped(cup) and they are made of rubber, or silicone or soft plastic that you can wear under your vagina that collects menstrual fluid.

How Tampons Work

Many ladies out there wanted to know how to use a tampon, and it's really easy.  If you using a tampon for the first time then a few minutes you will definitely feel uncomfortable. Apparently, tampons absorb like pads, but the size of tampon make it different from a pad. No, they are not leaky by anyway once appropriately inserted.

How To Use Tampon


There is instruction guide in the packet and for comfortable and safe usage tampon comes along with an applicator.

Benefits of Tampons


  • Tampon gives you long hour protection, no constant looking back for changing a tampon.
  • Unlike a sanitary pad, you won't feel the constant flow of blood, your panty won't have stains and stink. 
  • You can hop, jump, skip, run, swim and do any other activity which an ordinary pad restricts you from.

Which Tampons Are Safe To Use

The menstrual mishap can really turn fetal. If the tampon is not used in the right direction and with careful attention then it can be alarming of bad health. Seek emergency treatment when you see any of the following symptoms.

Symptoms Of Stuck Tampon

  • Foul Odour from the vagina
  • Swelling around vagina
  • Brown, green or yellow vaginal discharge
  • Itching inside the vagina
  • Painful urination
  • Rashes and redness around a vagina
  • Increases body temperature
Symptoms like above will be faced when a tampon is stuck for a far longer time. Longtime tampon in your vagina could lead to serious infection so head up to a doctor immediately if you face these symptoms.

How To Remove A Stuck Tampon

If you know tampon got stuck into your vagina and you don't see any of the above symptoms then you can remove a stuck tampon by yourself. Tampon removal is not so tedious process. To remove a tampon from vagina follow these steps but before to that make sure your nails are well trimmed and not having any pointed edge.

  • First, you need to find a location of a stuck tampon. Make an easy position for your legs to easily insert your finger into your vagina. Something like stand on one leg and other leg lifted up.
  • With the help of voluntary bowel movement try to push out the tampon. In some cases, it might be enough step to remove the stuck tampon.
  • If by pushing also it's not possible then take a deep breathe and relax your muscles.
  • Carefully insert a finger to locate a tampon into your vagina. The vagina is 3 to 4 inches deep. Slowly insert a finger with a circular motion for any sign of tampon. 
  • Once you find where the tampon is stuck, insert another finger and try to grasp the tampon or its string.
  • Pull the tampon out very carefully
You can use a lubricant to insert the tampon through the finger and to easily remove the tampon. Do not use any foreign instrument like tweezers to remove the tampon.

What If A Tampon Is Unremoved

Tampon stuck in your vagina for a long time can put you at the risk of developing the serious infection or  Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). TSS is not a thing in every case but longer the tampon, greater the risk.

Share what has worked best for you? in the comment section.

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Foods Rich In Antioxidants

As I said in my last article I will write the next article on Foods rich in Antioxidants. I am back with your most frequently asked question by healthy diet seekers. What foods are rich in antioxidants?

Sometimes the immune system had failed to insure the body with the defense mechanism. Antioxidants insure the body free from harmful free radicals. I had already discussed in detail about free radicals, so today I will let you know more about Antioxidants.
You have been chasing your tail all day getting healthy and fit body but actually achieving too little unless your diet is proper.

Images credit:

Antioxidants main role is providing the defense mechanism against free radicals. A diet high in antioxidants will help keep you away from many diseases.

Free radicals are the major responsible factor in a person's aging. Damage caused by the overload of free radical over time becomes irreversible and causing certain diseases like heart disease

What Foods Are Rich In Antioxidants


Strawberries are packed with loads of Vitamin C and other antioxidants. Antioxidants in strawberries are found to reduce the risk of cancer, LDL cholesterol and protects the heart.


Blueberries contain antioxidants in the form of anthocyanins which fight against the cancerous cells. Blueberries also loaded with Vitamin C and K and manganese that help protect heart diseases and some age-related memory loss.

Dark Chocolate

Against all odds, very few people will reject dark chocolates. You will get another reason to put chocolates on grocery bucket because dark chocolates get famed with flavonoid antioxidants that's called 'flavonols'. These flavonols help to lower blood pressures and alleviates the diabetes risk.


Walnuts are richest in antioxidants activity than any other common nuts. Antioxidant in walnut is alpha-linolenic acid, a type of omega-3 fatty acids. Walnuts are famous for proteins, fibers, unsaturated fats(healthy fats) along with antioxidants. Everyday walnut can keep your heart and brain healthy.

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Here again anthocyanin antioxidants play an important role in reducing inflammation and cholesterol levels. Cherries contain melatonin which aids treat insomnia. Antioxidants in cherries show anti-aging properties.


Cranberries are often referred to as super food. Cranberries possess atypical antioxidants like proanthocyanins or PACs that keeps bacteria away and thus prevents us from urinary tract infections, certain types of cancers, other infections and makes immune strong.


These blackberries contain antioxidants in the format of 'polyphenols' a plant compound which is responsible for slowing the aging and cognitive impairment as age grows.


Pecan contains more than 20 minerals and vitamins, thereby makes it a powerful antioxidant source. Pecans bursts with powerful manganese which fights for age-defying antioxidant powers to keep skin firm. Eating pecans daily reduces bad LDL cholesterols and increases the good amount of antioxidants.


Raspberries along with sweetened taste contain the high level of antioxidants like 'ellagitannins' which fights against heart diseases and cancer cells.


Almonds are the good source of Vitamin E, magnesium, copper and proteins. Almond also contain 'good' unsaturated fatty acids along with other minerals and antioxidants. Almond reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


Avocados are full of essential Vitamin A and D and essential fatty acids which keeps skin healthy and young. You can read more about Avocado health benefits here.

Green Leafy Vegetables

All fresh green leafy vegetables are very good sources of Antioxidants. Spinach, kale, brocoli, etc are rich in Vitamin A, C, E and K and contains abundance of carotenoids. These all nutrients boosts immunity and nourishes the body.

Antioxidant Food Benefits

In the last article of Antioxidants facts, I had already discussed different types of antioxidants. We always head towards healthy diets regardless of knowing how this mysterious compound called "Antioxidant" benefit us. So today let me straight go to list of antioxidant Benefits.

  • Makes you look younger than before
  • Keep your immune system up and active
  • Gives you essential nutrient
  • Functions body properly
  • Improves eyesight
  • Protects from diseases like cardiovascular disorders, kidney disorders, etc
  • Improves brain function and enhances memory power

Does Body Produce Antioxidants?

Yes, our body produces antioxidants but not enough to protect against the cumulative free radicals.

Antioxidant Supplements

If your diet doesn't permit (due to lack of time or lack of availability) a good source of antioxidants can be brought to your ways via Antioxidant supplements. Here I will focus on few readily available antioxidant supplements below.

  1. GNC Vitamin C Caplets. This contains 1000 mg of Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C which gives the daily recommended value of vitamin C and also provides you with bioflavonoids which is essential to protect your immune system and for glowing skin. (100% Vegetarian, No added flavors, No added colors) Here is the link to buy-

Antioxidant-Supplements2. INLIFE Antioxidants Supplement. This Antioxidant supplement tablet contains grape seed extracts and green tea extract which strengthen your immunity and keep you healthy all the time. This container contains 60 Tablets, take everyday one for the best result. In this, you will get Green tea extract 25 mg, Grape Seed Extract 10mg, Vitamin C 25 mg, and other mineral and antioxidants as well.  And with this all, it will cost you only Rs. 400/- for two months. 


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Antioxidants | Facts About Antioxidants

Antioxidants | Facts About Antioxidants

So what are antioxidants? Like the food get damage after oxidation, our body also works with a little bit of the same phenomenon. So antioxidants are those preventing or slowing the oxidation of body cells with free radicals.  In simple words, antioxidants are the substance which protects our body cells from the damage.

Image source:

What Are Free Radicals

Free radicals are two types exogenous and endogenous. Free radicals are produced in the body by natural process. Exogenous free radicals are readily produced in the environment and get in through body. But if free radicals are more than antioxidants that create problems and contribute to creating certain diseases.
Below are the sources from where free radical is evolved

  • Body churns food into energy
  • Environmental toxins, like pollution, tobacco, and alcohol
  • Ultraviolet rays or bad sun tanning rays
  • Processed food contains many harmful substances
The sunlight, smoking, alcohol, pollutants and many other items send waves out all of the time, plus they enter your system. It's a simple fact of life you will interact with free radicals, in actuality, you can not stop, but you can fight. The impacts of free radicals aren't accurate, as the electrons will proceed through the entire body to locate electrons to bond with. This implies they can impact any of these cells within our bodies, but there isn't any need to be concerned. We now have our inbuilt approaches to shield against the free radicals, even though our understanding of nutrition means we're now quite conscious of it, and also, we could help it. Antioxidant property is to limit or stop the damage caused by free radicals. 

Why Antioxidants Are Good For You

Consuming foods rich in antioxidants are really beneficial to maintain good health and prevent us from certain diseases. Also, slows the process of aging. Antioxidants are abundantly present in fresh fruits and vegetables. There is no surprise that processed food contains the minimal antioxidant. Some antioxidants are detrimental to overall health which I would like to discuss in the next post.

Types Of Antioxidants

There are mainly two types of antioxidants, one which is water soluble and another soluble in lipids.

This broad classification of antioxidants is simplified and easy to understand that one with water-soluble is mostly obtained in the body or obtained from the diet. Examples of water-soluble antioxidants in our body are glutathione, melatonin, ubiquinone, etc all these are present within cells. 

Whereas, Vitamin E includes a set of eight related tocopherols and tocotrienols which have antioxidant properties and essential.

'Antioxidants' is only the term for its group of vitamins, minerals, and compounds which protects from the number of free radicals. The key sort of antioxidants is vitamin A (in the shape of beta-carotene) vitamin C and vitamin E in addition to minerals such as magnesium, manganese, and zinc. Therefore, having carbs in your daily diet is vital, and you shouldn't ever leave them out.

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Vitamin C and beta-carotene are water soluble, so you have to take them infrequently as they're excreted daily. Selenium, manganese, and zinc are all trace components which are essential for producing antioxidant enzymes that are different in the role of vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene. Your body consistently produces them, and our day to day lives set is in line to get a whole lot more from the surroundings. 

We frequently hear distinct supplements professionals, celebrities and sites discuss the crucial role of antioxidant, the way they're very important to us and the way we must fill our diets together. With so much emphasis placed on our dependence on us, we never find 'antioxidants' recorded on the rear of the box or packet as a component or as an element of their nutrient breakdown. Without ever seeing whether a food or beverage includes antioxidants it can be hard to obtain what foods contain them. 

We're trying to discover foods full of antioxidants from your supermarket and finding it challenging, but is it worth the effort? This gonna be covered in the next post. I am working on it to give more detailed information and unique. Can we need antioxidants, or can it be another fad component of dieting made to help organic and strange foods

The very first question you need to answer before discovering what foods are packed with antioxidants is precise what exactly are they? For the response to this, you want to check out your biochemistry. Your own body is a walking, talking, thinking chemistry put within a skin coat. All the time that your cells are easing chemical reactions, generating energy, making enzymes, creating new cells and delivering nerve impulses. All this action includes compound side effects, and among them is oxidation. This procedure happens in cells, in which we create our cells operate and leads to the introduction of free radicals. Free radicals are molecules and atoms that are lacking in electrons, making them travel around the body to locate a few. This may damage body tissues. Therefore, we consider in goods in our diet that may get rid of these free radicals before they can harm us. It's the products that we predict antioxidants.
The answer is yes, even in components. You have to have the ideal quantity of each one of those antioxidants to guarantee the decent excellent elimination of free radicals. There's such thing as too much, especially with vitamin E, even since it is fat soluble, it's stored within the body. As a consequence, that you may have too much, and it may nullify the prospective advantages. Also, the evidence says too much of vitamin E can cause prostate cancer. A balanced top excellent diet must signify that you don't ever need to take nutritional supplements, and ought to be able to get good nourishment to protect against free radicals and also have greater overall nutritional health.
We take in antioxidants in our daily diet, and they play the function or eliminating free radicals. They do so by breaking the series of reactions which is a result of the taking of electrons by supplying fresh electrons, or antioxidant enzymes change the reactions and make them stabilize. The practice isn't too accurate, and like medications, not all they operate on each free radical. 

Next time, I will bring Foods packed with antioxidants and how it is beneficial for the health. So stay tune with Eureka Of Life.


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Eating Too Much Salt Side Effects

Salt does more than just making food tastier — if you agree with the fact then only go ahead with the article. Too much salt in the diet causes the body to deteriorate faster than a normal diet. So how much salt intake is too much for a healthy human, the answer is definitely not more than 6g of salt or 2300mg of Sodium.

Salt is a crystalline substance. Salt is the mixture of Sodium and Chloride in the ratio of 4:6 which is a most common source our body receives Sodium. A very important thing I wanted to bring it to your notice is our body cannot manufacture by own either of it. So it has to be sourced from outside the body.

Do you know why Gandhi led a civil disobedience campaign of salt? One reason is protesting against British policy of Salt taxation and another reason that salt is one of the few useful and abundant mineral on earth which is the scientific backbone of a human body. Without salt, you can imagine how tasteless and brutal life would be.

A number of body functions where salt contributes an important role like:

  • Contracting muscles
  • To maintain fluid in the body
  • Natural anti-histamine in case of allergic and asthmatic attack
  • Contribute to the fast metabolism
  • Adequate salt supports balanced hormones

For our body salt(i.e. Sodium) is very necessary to contract muscles and functions properly for body movements.

American College of Cardiology conducted a study and revealed excess dietary sodium may not only affect blood pressure but can adversely affect and target different organs, including blood vessels, heart, kidney, and brain.

Diet-conscious already in the battle cry for 'everything in moderation' but when it comes to salt which gives the basic taste of food, they just can't help themselves.

As per dietary guidelines, people aged between 14 and 50 shouldn't limit their sodium intake less than 2300mg. Excessive consumption of salt is not good for overall health and also body starts to retain the maximum amount of water.

All the below conditions start approaching when consumption of salt is more than is good for us.
Salt is the major contributing factor to most disastrous disease like heart attack and stroke.

Some serious symptoms of consuming salt too much

  • Frequent urination
  • Make you feel thirsty most of the time
  • Swelling of different parts of the body especially legs and ankles
  • Often leave you with a bland taste and urges you to add more salt
  • Frequent mild headaches

World Health Organisation(WHO) recommends total 5g salts per day for the adults to maintain good body balance.
I have brought you this article to share consuming too much salt could be harmful to overall health. Eating too much salt side effects let's see below.

1. Risk of Heart Disease Increases and Stroke

Salt in the body utilized to performs numerous body function and one of them it is pumping of blood in the heart.
The American Heart Association(AHA) explains too much salt increases pressure in the blood vessels by retaining more water in it. Thereby high blood pressure buildup plaque formation around the arteries may lead to a greater risk of developing stroke and heart diseases.
Endothelium lines almost all blood vessels and endothelium has single layer cell outering as it helps in exchange of nutrients between the bloodstream and surrounding tissues.

2. Spike in Kidney Problems

Increased fluid retention is the one-stop reason to run through kidney problems. Kidney uses osmosis to draw extra water out of your blood. Too much salt causes less water removal and more water retention and thus increases blood pressure. Salt puts more strain on kidneys and leads to diseases like hydronephrosis, renal impairment or chronic kidney diseases.

3. Salt And Blood Pressure Relationship

Numerous studies have shown a direct relationship between salt intake and blood pressure. Too much salt and water have direct proportionality with blood pressure in the body. Higher salt and water in the body higher will be the blood pressure.

Therefore doctors always recommend hypertensive patients to reduce salt intake, so their blood pressure remains under control.

4. Osteoporosis

Bone is the storage of calcium. Whereas Sodium increases calcium excretion and decreases the bone density. Less dense bone is a sign of weak bone and later it turns to osteoporosis as age increases.

5. Makes you Overweight

Is Sodium bad for weight loss? So those who want to lose weight and thinking salt doesn't contain any calories then this one may come to you by surprise! Yes eating too much salt is bad for weight loss. Excess sodium allows an increase in body fluid due to water retention, scientists have reported too much salt increases weight.

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6. Impairs the functioning of blood vessels

Higher sodium in the blood means pulling more water into the bloodstream which causes the blood vessels to increase the normal size of blood vessels. This makes blood vessels susceptible to impairs the functioning of blood vessels.

7. Bloating

Eating too much salt may cause your body to retain more fluid and leading to bloating. Bloating is sometimes accompanied by burping, flatulence, and a feeling of fullness. Reduce salt intake in order to treat bloating.

8. Extremities swelling

Did you know that 80 percent of salt is hidden in processed and packed foods? Due to water retention property too much salt in the diet unwelcome extremity swellings. For the Asthma patient, salt could have life-threatening effect in children and adults, reported the researchers.

9. Impairs Cognitive functions

Too much salt can have a serious long-term cognitive effect. A study from 2010 revealed more consumption of salt negatively impacts your cognitive functions. Unfortunately, the study was observational, so researchers did not find why that happening.

When too much salt ingested it may damage arteries which reach the brain. However, lowering blood pressure may help to alleviate the risk of greater damage to the brain.

10. Stomach ulcer

Too much salt intake may lead to stomach ulcers. Studies found that too much of Sodium disrupts the mucus lining of the stomach and thus too much salt responsible for stomach ulcers.

Some more facts About Salt

  • China is the largest salt producer in the world followed by the United States.
  • In Roman times, Soldiers were sometimes paid in salt - which is where "Salary" word comes from.
  • Japanese belief is this, when you sprinkle salt around your home it will prevent from evil spirits. This has become a serious tradition in some other countries since then.
  • Salt removes red wine stains.
  • Every cell in the body contains salt. Sodium is an essential nutrient but is something that the body cannot produce itself.
  • Salt is used in many canned food products in which salt act as a good preservative. Although it may not taste too salty but contains most of the sodium in it.
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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Real inspiration by Dr. Randy Pausch— The Last Lecture

Real inspiration by Dr. Randy Pausch— The Last Lecture

What if you know you will be dead in three to six-month span? Have you ever had the courage to think what will happen after your death? But Dr. Randy Pausch did courage to inspire and teach the world to cherish every moment of life when he came to know he will die soon. Dr. Randy Psauch in his last lecture of "Achieving your childhood dreams" inspired not only 400 seated people in an auditorium but also inspired millions of people out there watching the video on the internet.

Image source: Wikipedia

Dr. Randy Pausch

Randolph Frederick Pausch was an American computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University(CMU) in  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He born on 23rd October 1960 in Baltimore and graduated with a degree from Brown University in Rhode Island, 1982. He chose Computer Science field and continued education in it. He obtained the doctorate in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh in 1988.

He got diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer in September 2006, which was a big bad news but he never loosed hope. He underwent a major surgery Pancreaticodectomy with an unsuccessful attempt to halt the disease. In August 2007, doctors told Randy has left only three to six months of good health. In October PET scan and CT revealed cancer metastases to liver and spleen with 10 tumors in the liver. With a limited time span, he wants to inspire many people and bring something good to the nation with better plans.

With his enthusiasm for computer science linked to entertainment tantalized him to produce a software named, 'Alice— The Infinitely Scalable Dream factory' which is very helpful to the children to make movies and games and learn basic computer programming while having fun.

The Last Lecture — Really Achieving Childhood Dreams

Dr. Randy Pausch delivered his Last Lecture exactly 11 years ago on this date i.e. 18th Sept 2007 led by Randolph Frederick Pausch with a title; "Really achieving childhood Dreams" a humorous and heartfelt talk in front of his students and colleagues that has videotaped and spread unexpectedly throughout the internet. Pausch earned his worldwide fame for his most inspirational "Last Lecture". The lecture created a sensation — more than six million hits on web videos. You can view this lecture on Youtube by clicking on The Last Lecture.
Image source: Visualhunt

After the lecture, Pausch was shocked and flattered after seeing the attention to his Last Lecture.
On 22nd October 2007, Pausch appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show where he briefed about his "The Last Lecture" and discussed his life's situation. Everyone who attended the lecture and show said this. It was an amazing reminder of how each one should live their lives.

Pausch also gave his appearance on May 2008 in television show Good Morning America and gave light on how to live life.

With his excellent skill of time management, he delivered one more lecture about "Time Management" on 27th November 2007 at the University of Virginia, to an audience over of 850 people. This video can be watched here Time Management by Dr. Randy Pausch.

Dr. Gabriel Robins friend and colleague of Dr. Pausch said that "Randy was a force of nature". Robin recalls Pausch was the person who enjoys every moment of life. He excelled not only in his field of Computer science but also in humanity. "He had a very visceral, fundamental resonance to the core of humanity. It's not an accident that people flocked to him; people of all ages, cultures, and religions. I thought of him as a genius of many things - not just science and research, but branding, marketing, selling, convincing, leading and showing by examples."

"He has raised the level of fun in education to a new dimension," Robins said. "Randy Pausch's impact will continue to touch many people for years to come."

Image source:
CMU president Jared Cohon spoke with candor, Pausch's contribution to university in terms of education and humanity was remarkable and stunning. He then announced that CMU will celebrate Pausch's impact on the world by building and naming after Pausch's raised pedestrian bridge.

Pausch spent the final few months of his life in areas like influencing, entertainment which is far beyond his specialty. In his last lecture, he showed gratitude towards whoever helped him along the way: professors, colleagues, a football coach and especially his own parents.

Pausch along with Don Marinelli, professor of drama and arts management became co-founder of Entertainment Technology Centre(EMU) in 1998 and also Pausch commenced building Virtual world's creation.

Pausch died at the age of 47, which means just started living his life. He died on 25 July 2008 because of complications of Cancer.

Other Recognitions

After his worldwide famous lecture at CMU, Disney owner Hyperion paid $6.7 million for the rights to publish a book about Pausch's lecture. Book with a name of "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch and co-authored by Jeff Zaslow. That book was a New York Times bestseller book.

To add a cherry to the cake, J. J Abrams director of Star Trek movie became a fan and truly inspired by "The Last Lecture" and invited Pausch for an insightful role in that movie. Pausch also accepted that invitation and ran to Los Angeles California to shoot his scene.

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Pausch said, "If you lead your life the right way, the Karma will take care of itself."

"The dreams will come to you."

" Brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls aren't there to keep us out. The brick wall is there to show us how badly we want things."

"Be good at something: it makes you valuable."

"Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted. And experience is often the most valuable thing you have to offer."

"Luck is where preparation meets opportunity."

After being famous, ABC news declared Pausch as one of it's three  "Person of the year" for 2007. TIME magazine named Pausch in its list under 100 influential people in the world.


Life will be challenging always but the important is to accept that challenge and look optimistically. Like Randy Pausch lived his life only for 47 years but he remained alive for centuries because of his inimitable way of living life.

I hope this inspires you and gave you a mindset to live life optimistically. I would love to hear your experience after watching Randy Pausch's videos in the comment section below.



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