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Nicholas James Vujicic_Inspiration and Motivation in life is really necessary

Motivation is like fire_ unless you keep adding fuel to it, it dies. Your fuel is your belief in your inner values. Whereas Inspiration is different because it comes from within. It's what comes before motivation.
 What is the greatest motivation? Is it money? Recognition? Improvement in standard of living? For many people, it can be but remember these motivations are temporary. So be inspired in your life to achieve your long-term goals.

What is Motivation

Motivation is a force either external or internal that stimulate the desire and energy to complete the work or to make effort to achieve goals.

What is Inspiration

Inspiration is the inner feeling of enthusiasm which you get from someone or something, make us to do work with the divine.

Motivation is the pulling force whereas Inspiration is driving force.
Monetary rewards are temporary and short-lived; they are not gratifying long term. In contrast, seeing an idea being implemented can be emotionally gratifying by itself.

Live Inspirational Personality

You might know Nicholas James Vujicic the great inspiration to many people including me. He was born with a rarest disorder called Phocomelia, which is the absence of legs and arms. Till now this disorder effected seven individual surviving in the world and Nick is one of them.

He was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1982. He born with two deformed feet. Early days of Nick were hard. When he was 10 years old, he attempted suicide. After struggling mentally, emotionally and physically he decided to become and focus on vocal about living with disabilities and creating hope in life.

Nick decided to address his core message - no matter what your circumstances, you can overcome.
Till now he visited 57 countries and had more than 3000 inspirational talks like persistence and determinations and his own life story.
He also became the author of several books like Life without limits: Inspiration for a ridiculously good life, unstoppable: The incredible Power of Action, Love without Limits: A Remarkable Story of True conquering All and Stand Strong: You Can Overcome Bullying (and Other Stuff That Keep You Down).
Not only this, Nick founded the great motivational speaking company called Attitude is Altitude. And also founded international non-profitable organization and ministry "life without limbs".

Nicks loves to swim, skydive, paint, and surf. This is how Nick made his life from hopeless to very meaningful life with only burning desire to be something in life. His desire made him most famous and inspirational person in the world.

Nicholas James Vujicic

How you can be more Inspired

I've been so much inspired by his life and how he achieved the pinnacles of success with so much nature's restriction. I personally advise you all to get through the link for more inspiration- Life without limbs.

Nick says, " If God can use a man without arms and legs to be his Hands and feet, then He certainly use any willing heart."

So tell me what's your motivation and who is your inspiration in the comment box below.
I believe more in inspiration rather than motivation because inspiration will never die and inspiration boost our desire and keep us on the track of achieving our goals.
Please share your inspirational moments and person who inspired you by commenting on my post.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Jayanthi Sampathkumar Runs In Hyderabad Marathon With Saree_Traditional Attire

Who says a perfect track suit is necessary for marathon running? Who says women with saree resembles sobriety? This all question answered and proved wrong by Jayanthi Sampathkumar 44-year old lady. She decided to run in marathon by going against the convention and promote the handloom and inspire women.

So who is Jayanthi SampathKumar after all? What is she up to? Why did she run in a saree?

Source: Twitter

About 20,000 people ran in Marathon of 42 km at Hyderabad on Sunday, all tried their best to finish Marathon in given time and many completed too but Jayanthi Sampathkumar drowned everyone's attention towards her. And she managed to cover entire 42-km stretch.

Why did she ran in saree?

Lets see by her, "I want to promote handloom and encourage women. This is a statement of my support. I'm cyclist and ride very often, and notice a lot of plastic pollution happening around us. I'm keen to curb that and want to use this platform to oppose it. For that, maybe I should run in asari made of plastic wrappers people throw" jokes Jayanthi.
Also her simple sandal signifies the same.She stated that she wanted to run marathon in barefoot but the stones hurt her so she opted for simple sandal. 

Inspirational source

She became inspiration for all women in society. Jayanthi's next step is to enter her name in Guinness Book of World Records.

In an exclusive interview with Deccan Chronicle, Jayanthi spoke about her experience and said "It was a great experience! And yes, many more curious to take selfies with me."

Through all this, the 44 year old Jayanthi Sampath might just have made it to the Guinness Book of World Records. Jayanthi has applied to win the title to have run the 'fastest marathon in a sari'.

One more odd convention supporter in this Marathon

Beside this, accompany and support given by Uday Bhaskar Dandamudi 27 year old who ran the marathon in 'dhoti'. Indian traditionalism is prominently showed in the Marathon.

This is not the first time happening, earlier in December 2013, 61 year old Lata Bhagwan Kare also ran in Saree, barefoot and won the Baramati marathon.

Author's take

Women of these spirit are inspiration to society. Those who are gender stereotype we have Jayanthi Sampathkumar like lady going against them to prove a point.

Monday, 21 August 2017

3 Best free video editing apps for Android_iOs device

Filming equipments from mobile devices are able to create good visual content. Video editing is the skill you can say ... nowadays.. so we have to learn how to edit a video to make a worth watching of a video.

Boomm!!!!___3 Best video editing apps

{a} FilmaroGo
{b} Adobe Premiere Clip
{c} KineMaster

1. FilmaroGo :

If you are beginner to YouTube  then this app you should download it now.  Best feature to edit a video you can get in this app like Background music, Transaction of two or more videos, HD quality video, hundreds of free overlays, 100 of free filters, brightness adjustment, colour theme, cropping of video, elements insertion like starts, balloons,etc, clip arts insert, add title and subtitles, banners, light adjustment and many more things. The mesmerising part is you can make a beautiful video from photos without any difficulty...You just have to select photos and that's it . In addition to that photos you can add clip art and make content video or educational videos and many more. The Best part is it's FREE app for both Android and iOS device. Recommended app from my side. It is available in Google play store for free. Top rated till now because it doesn't leave a watermark or any clip of it name.

Steps to get started:

[1] Select - Photos and videos from gallery, albums, Facebook, or Instagram.
[2] Create - Pick a Theme, add your favourite Music, Filters, and Titles and even Transitions.
[3] Share - Save to your gallery, or instantly share on Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, WhatsApp, YouTube, or Email.

2. Adobe Premiere Clip :

Adobe premiere clip should be a top consideration if you are editing video on android device.You would find professional editing tool on desktops. There is no limit of video length. If you want to take your video to next level by adding picture to picture, complex transition, adding music to the background,etc.then this app I recommend for you. This app is also like magical app, which don't allow you to all things manually like other apps want you to do. In this you just have to select and adjust the preference of video series to want to play and then here comes an automatic video maker option to give you a ready project. If someone don't want automatically made video then here you can select freeform option to make by your choice video project. It's also FREE app from google play store.

Steps to get started:
[1] Start or open a project.
[2] Capture and import video and audio.
[3] Assemble and refine a sequence.
[4] Add titles.
[5] Add transitions and effects.
[6] Mix Audio.
[7] Export or save.

3. KineMaster : 

For serious video editors, this is probably the best app for you that you will find in your mobile. It support great features like adding true split-screen, colour LUT filters, multi-track Audios, 3D transitions and lot more. It also provides speed control of video clip, overall sound effects, various themes, animations, handwriting,chroma key, voice recording,etc.
From version 3.0 KineMaster has been extensively redesigned to reflect the latest in Android trends while making ease in editing and paving the way for new upcoming features. Cropping of video further enhances the flexibility of already powerful mobile video editor. It is also available in Free +In-app purchase from Google play store.

Steps to get started:
[1] Select video.
[2] Add music to background with fade-in fade-out sound effect.
[3] Add transitions and effects
[4] Save


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