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Drumstick Leaves: 22 Health Benefits of Moringa leaves

Welcome back... In my last post, I shared the benefits of drumsticks and informed that I would be soon sharing health benefits of Moringa(Drumstick) leaves which are numerous. Here come the health benefits of Moringa leaves. Moringa oleifera plant is one of nature's marvelous medicine plant with every part of it is used for something. Moringa oleifera tree is also known by other names like Drumstick tree, Ben oil tree, Horseradish tree.

1. Improves eye power

Vitamin A deficiency is prevalent in developing countries like India and accounts for major mortality. Interestingly, Moringa leaves contain 4 times more Vitamin A  than a carrot. Enhances the vision power with its regular consumption.

2. Increase bone density

As per the study, Moringa leaves contain essential minerals which are associated with increased bone density and integrity. Minerals in leaves alleviate arthritis, helpful in Becker's dystrophy and aids in other bone conditions.

3. Reduces risk of heart disease

Researcher studied that effect of Moringa leaves on lipid level and it was reported that there was very well reduction in levels of bad cholesterols (LDL and VLDL) and significant increase in good cholesterols(HDL)

4. Fights cancer

Moringa leaves are rich in anti-oxidants that acts against the free radicals and prevent the formation of carcinogens. Moringa leaves not only contains Vitamin C and Beta-carotene for its anti-oxidants property but also contains Quercetin and Chlorogenic acids which are powerful anti-oxidants and highly effective in fighting with carcinogens.

5. Reduce Headache

Grind leaves and apply the decoction(remaining of leaves) to the temples to relieve a headache.

6. Best for Lactating mother

It plays an important role in the lactating mothers. Consumption of Moringa is reported to cause a dramatic increase in breast milk.

7. Slows down aging process

Beta-carotene is an effective protector of skin against the damaging effects of the sun. As a rich source of antioxidants, moringa leaves has a powerful function as anti-aging. Using moringa leaves for skin treatment(external or internal) could help you slow down the anti-aging process and degeneration of skin cells.

8. Boosts Immunity

Maintaining a healthy immune system is essential for helping our bodies stave off infections and illnesses.

9. Helps in blood purification

Due to its antibacterial properties, Moringa leaves act as a natural detoxifier and blood purifier. Removes all build toxic from the blood and detoxifies the blood.

10. Nutrient-packed

Moringa leaves are full of nutrients including minerals which is hard to find all nutrients in one vegetable. Moringa supplements are better than most of the multivitamins available in the market. Moringa supplements are prepared from leaves and pods which are natural sources of multivitamins and calcium.

11. Increase the appetite

Moringa roots are used in traditional medicine for stimulating appetite and to improve the functioning of the digestive tract.

12. Helps in lowering blood pressure

Minerals like potassium which is present in moringa leaves can help blood pressure be under control. Quercetin, the powerful anti-oxidant present in Moringa leaves which helps in lowering of blood pressure.

13. Prevents hair loss

Minerals like iron and vitamins like B6 and vitamin C present in moringa leaves are crucial for hair growth. Moringa leaves provide these nutrients to prevent hair loss. You can drink moringa leaves juice or apply directly to the scalp.

14. Improves brain health

Moringa supports brain health and cognitive function because of its anti-oxidant and neuro-enhancer properties. The high content of Vitamin C and E fights oxidation that leads to neuron degeneration, improving brain function.

15. Antibacterial and Antifungal

Moringa has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties that make it fight infections.

16. Wound healing

Moringa leaves possess blood-clotting properties, which reduces clotting time, that means it takes less time to stop bleeding from scratch and wounds. This helps to cure minor injuries like bruises, cuts, and burns.

17. Treats diarrhea, dysentery, and colitis

Mixed with honey and followed by a drink of coconut milk twice or thrice a day, leaves are used as the remedy to treat diarrhea, dysentery, and colitis.

18. Helps to treat arthritis

Moringa leaves show anti-inflammatory properties, it relieves pain from joints and helps treat arthritis.

19. Fights acne problem

Moringa is considered as a powerful herb to fight acne due to the antiseptic and antibacterial properties. The use of Moringa leaves for acne treatment could be internal or by the external way. External way, you could grind the fresh leaves and use it as a face mask on another side internally, you could consume moringa leaves in form of the supplement as your daily diet.

20. Promotes good sleep

A proper good sleep is most important for your skin to look healthy and glowing. Dark circles and skin wrinkles are the main signs of your bad or not enough sleep. Moringa leaves are the good source of amino acid like tryptophan which supports immunity to fight insomnia and provide you deeper and better sleep.

21. Prevents diabetes complication

Diabetes is the metabolic ailment, as old as mankind and its occurrence is considered to be far above the ground at all over the world. Diabetes is habitually accompanied by hyperglycemia and with the large amplification of reactive oxygen species as well as an impaired antioxidant defense system.
The high content of Vitamin C in Moringa leaves prevents damage to blood vessels in diabetic person(Type I diabetes mellitus) and which may prevent the development of diabetic cataract.

22. Glowing skin

Moringa leaves contain almost all amino acids in which one is Methionine has the main function is producing healthy collagen for flawless skin. Collagen gives powerful properties for wrinkle-free, younger, fairer and healthier skin. I would like to share one easy and less time-consuming face mask for skincare routine which I use.

Moringa leaves Facemask

Ingredient: One cup of fresh Moringa leaves, Half lemon, and rose water.
Method to prepare: Grind moringa leaves and make a smooth paste with rose water, add 5-6 drops of lemon. Mix it well. Apply this mask evenly in your face for 10-20 minutes. Wash off with normal water. Get your instant healthy and glowing skin.

Some amazing facts about Moringa Leaves

  • Moringa contains 18 of 20 amino acids required by the human body, including all eight of the essential amino acids found in the meat product. These eight essential amino acids cannot be produced by the body itself but we can get these amino acids from the food we eat. Moringa is one of the very few plants which contains all eight essential amino acids.
  • Moringa oleifera seeds contain 35-40 percent by weight and yields more oil per hectare than sunflower or peanuts. Oil from moringa seeds called as Ben oil. Ben oil has a special property that it won't turn rancid and get spoil. Hence, Ben oil is used as a preservative and machinery lubricant.
  • As per the USDA, One cup of chopped fresh Moringa leaves (21 grams) contains Protein(1.97 grams), Calcium(39mg), Iron(0.84mg), Energy(39kcal).
  • Compared to the leaves, the pods are generally lower in vitamins and minerals. However, it contains the significant source of Vitamin C.
  • Daily consumption of Moringa as a part of your daily diet found that it increases your natural defense mechanism. For AIDS patients it is often recommended to boost immunity.



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Drumstick - 11 Surprising health benefits and drumstick curry recipe

Drumstick! Many of you know this tree and many of you don't. But in fact, it is a plant which seems to be a tree and Drumstick plant is filled with full health benefits. Today, I will share health benefits of Drumstick. So without testing your more patience, let's proceed.

Image source: Visual hunt

Drumstick has been the subject of numerous health experts. It is one of the plants in which all parts of the plant or whole plant can be used for some or other way.  Drumstick plant is native to India and other parts of Asia and Africa. In the north of India, it is also known by the name of "Shajan".  Drumsticks are most commonly used in the preparation of soups, curries, and sambhars in most part of southern India. Its Botanical Name is Moringa oleifera.

Moringa Olifera plant is the evergreen, slim, medium-sized tree. The flower of this plant develops into long slender, dark green pods.  Moringa seeds are present in the slender pods which are called Drumsticks. Drumstick useful in either of ways nutritional and medicinal purposes since ages. In Ayurvedic system of Medicines, it is said to cure or prevent more than 300 diseases.
Drumstick Pods

The following are the reasons why you must include drumstick in your diet

#1 Relieves Cold, cough, and sore throat

Drumsticks are pretty high in content of vitamin C, which helps to combat cold and flu. Add cooked drumstick pods in your diet to get relief from a sore throat. As well as Drumstick pods help in reducing headache.

#2 Strengthen bones

Due to its excellent sources of Calcium, Vitamins and Iron drumsticks are recognized to offer strong bones. Calcium and Phosphorus found in drumstick help in keeping your bones healthy.If you take this in form of juice or with milk regularly, it is seen that these pods help elevate the bone density and also improves bone health in children. This is especially good for the growing children.

#3 Enhances sexual health

Drumsticks have been advised to include in the diet on regular basis in patients with decreased libido(libido is sex drive) by many doctors. There can be many causes of decreased libido like the change in hormone levels, anxiety, and depression. So drumstick seeds help men as a sexual virility drug.

#4 Boosts immune system

This veggie cum herbal plant is excellent in dealing immune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis as it contains Vitamin C, B1, B6 and oleic acids. The body develops immunity against the infectious pathogens. This keeps our immune system strong enough.

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#5 Best for pregnant women

I've been heard that many women have confusion regarding include drumstick in our diet is safe or not... Study relieved it is safe and in fact, it proved to be quite healthy in your pregnancy. During pregnancy, drumsticks help in controlling the sluggishness of uterus thus ensuring smooth delivery and eases labor pain. This also helps in prevention of post-delivery complications. Since drumsticks are an excellent source of calcium, it is recommended during the lactation period.

#6 Improves digestion

Drumstick has four times more fibers than oats. Due to its rich source of fiber and calcium, it is very useful in maintaining the proper function of the digestive enzymes and supporting bowel regularity.

#7 Eases Asthma

Taking steam of water in which Drumstick pods are boiled, this helps to ease asthma. Drumstick also helps in easing various respiratory problems.

#8 Provides glow to the skin

Consumption of the juice of drumstick pods is extremely useful in improving the glow of skin due to it's antioxidant properties and high content of vitamin C. Big beauty brands make an acne treatment by extracting oils from drumstick seeds and used in facial masks and body masks to nourish skin, prevents skin from acne and give it a healthy glow to the skin.

Usually, it is combined with lime juice and particularly quite effective in getting rid of dark patches, acne, and wrinkles.

#9 Blood purification

Drumsticks have a superior content for antibiotic qualities and hence removes the impurities from the blood. It is proven a good blood purifier.

#10 Promote healthy digestive systems

This magical plant contains the rich source of vitamin B-complex like niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acids and folic acids, they promote healthy digestives systems. Drumstick can also supply dietary fibers to the body.

#11 Treats Malnutrition

Drumsticks are a good source of dietary fibers, Minerals, Vitamins, and Proteins. Add Drumstick pods to your daily food to treat Malnutrition.

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Drumstick side effects

Drumstick is a herbal product and which is free of chemical additives. No side effects have been reported till date if used in moderation.

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Drumstick recipe

Here is a rustic drumstick curry recipe which is delicious and tasty.


2 chopped onions and tomato, 8-9 curry leaves, 2 slant chopped potatoes, 3 long drumsticks, cumin, green chili, mustard, garlic, red chili and coriander powder, cooking oil, and some coriander


1. Add oil to a pan and heat it, add mustard, cumin, fine chopped onions and saute.
2. After onion becomes a light brown shade, add green chili and curry leaves and saute.
3. Add drumsticks and slant chopped potatoes, fry for two to three minutes to remove the raw smell from the drumstick.
4. Add fine chopped tomatoes, some salt, and turmeric. Fry in open pan, do not cover with the lid and fry till tomato turns soft.
5. Add red chili, coriander, and garlic powder and saute for two minutes.
6. Pour water just enough to cover the drumsticks and cook on a medium flame till it turns little dark in color.
Your tasty delicious drumstick curry is ready to serve with steamed rice.
Image credit: @rishabahuja

Did you enjoy having delicious drumstick curry? How did you benefit from it? Tell us. Share your experience about the review of a drumstick. Leave a comment.
Also, I would like to add here that besides their therapeutic and nutritional benefits, other edible parts of drumstick are leaves, flowers, and seeds are also very beneficial for humans. In the next article, I will bring health benefits of  Moringa leaves along with its medicinal uses. So stay connected with me and my articles by subscribing to it by email.



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Magnificent Mary Kom's life story

Magnificent Mary Kom, very well known an Indian Boxer who has won five times World Boxing championship. She received 6 gold medals(recently received in World's Boxer Championship and defeating Sonia Chahal which taken place in New Delhi), recently won a gold medal at Vietnam for the light-flyweight category in ASBC Asian Women's Boxing Championship on 8 November 2017. Let's see Mary Kom's life success journey and how she made India proud.
Image credit: Visual hunt

Mary Kom born on 24th November 1982, Her full name is Chungneijang Mary Kom Hmangte. She was born and brought up in a poor Manipur family. She has two siblings- one younger brother and one younger sister. She belongs to the tribal community of India's northeastern state, Manipur.

Her passion for Boxing has commenced since childhood by watching videos of Mohammad Ali boxing on television. She got more inspiration from the male boxer, Dingko Singh who lived in Manipur. The success of Dingko Singh in the 1998 Asian Games ignited the passion of boxing in the Mary Kom's life. She started her boxing training in 2000, under M Narjit Singh, Manipur State Boxing Coach. Mary Kom tried to keep her boxing interest secret from her family, as her family was in oppose to her boxing. Her family was in solicitude that boxing is not a woman sport. She won the State Level Championship in 2000 itself. When her father saw pictures of her winning State-level Championship in the newspaper, he was still unhappy and showing the disapproval of her boxing interest. Days later Mary made her mind and finally she able to convince her family. After that, there was no looking back.

Mary Kom started boxing at the international level at the age of 18. In 2001, she won the silver medal in her first AIBA World Women's Boxing Championship at Scranton, USA. But she won the gold medal in the second AIBA World Women's Senior Boxing Championship in 2002, Antalya, Turkey.  Her determination to succeed in the world of boxing won her many medals including a bronze medal in 2012 Olympics.

"I still remember I was castigated by my father who said with battered and bruised face, I should not expect to get married. He was furious that I took to boxing - a taboo for women- and he did not have the slightest idea about it. But my passion for the sport had got the better of me and I thank my cousins who coaxed and cajoled my father into eventually giving his nod. I'm happy that I did not let anyone down." she told the Deccan Herald in September 2004.

Mary Kom got many titles

  • MC Mary Kom
  • Magnificent Mary
  • Mary Kom
Image credit- Flickr

Mary Kom married early in the year 2005 to her longtime friend Karung Onkholer Kom. Now they have twins as their children. It was then everyone thought that her career is over in sports. But it was never like that. Mary Kom made a classic come back with the great willpower to win and show her talent. She proved that everything is possible if you set your body, mind, heart, and soul into your dream. She started training again and rebuilt her body, stamina, and strength. She silenced the skeptics by winning the Silver medal in the year 2008, Asian games and gold medal at China's AIBA World Women's Boxing Championship.
Image credit: visual hunt
Mary Kom went on to represent India in Boxing, 51Kg for the first times at the Olympics on 1st October 2014. Kom was only to qualify and she went on to win the Bronze for India. She did not stop here, she won her fifth gold medal in the light-flyweight category of the Asian Women's Boxing Championship held at Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam on 8 November 2017. It was a proud moment for every Indian. Mary Kom had become an Inspiration to many.

She co-authored her autobiography "Unbreakable", with Dina Serto and published by Harper Collins in 2013. If you wanted to buy this book, her is the link-

In 2014, biopic movie based on Mary Kom's life realized on 5th Sep 2014, which is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Priyanka Chopra played the main role of Mary Kom in Mary Kom movie.

On this Saturday, 24th November 2018 Mary Kom wins her sixth Gold medal in Women's World Boxing Championship by defeating Ukraine's Hanna Okhata which takes silver. Kom said "I would like to dedicate this win to my country" and she become the most successful boxer in tournament's history, albeit won the gold medal exactly 16 years after she had won it for the first time.

Awards and Recognitions

Image credit: Flickr
  • Arjuna Awards (Boxing) in 2003
  • Padma Shri (Sports) in 2006
  • People of the Year- Limca Books of Records in 2007
  • Contender for Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in 2007
  • Pepsi MTV Youth Icon in 2008
  • CNN-IBN & Reliance industries' Real Heroes Award in 2008
  • 'Magnificient Mary' from AIBA(International Boxing Association) in 2008
  • Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in 2009
  • International Boxing Association's Ambassador for Women's Boxing in 2009
  • Padma Shree Sportswoman of the Year 2010, Sahara Sports Award
  • Padma Bhushan Award in 2013
  • Big Star Most Entertaining Sportsperson of the year in 2014
  • Mary Kom Wins sixth gold medal in Women's World Boxing Championship in 2018.
Mary Kom always wanted to prove that women can do equally what men can. Today she makes sure she help other girls to achieve their dreams and assist them to fight against the odds. Mary Kom runs an academy in Manipur that teaches self-defense. Success can never materialize from fear.

For success in your career, one needs to be determined and confident enough. If you wanted to achieve certain goals and abilities, you should take up the challenges and pursue them. 

Share your inspirational story with us, we will make publishing article. Thank You for reading!!

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