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Absolute Barbecue In Vizag

Absolute Barbecue Vizag is supreme over Barbecue Nation in terms of food, decor, and services. India’s favourite wish grill restaurant AB or Absolute Barbecue has now opened its door at Vizag almost 6 months back. Yes, a recent branch of Absolute Barbecue in Vizag offers fresh and crispy kinds of seafood, which you had never tasted before. Absolute Barbecue Vizag Menu has opted seafood as Vizag is surrounded by an ocean which makes seafood available easily.
AB’s is the place for unprecedented food adventure and excitement to a new height and makes your mood foodie. Yes, you can add one more place of must visit to your “Vizag diary”. The beauty of Vizag will be enhanced more with glams of AB’s.

I do not always get a chance to dine out with lots of seafood option especially squid, rabbit, octopus, etc. AB made it so easy to grab all favourite at one place.

Visited at the venue and seen many people were waiting for the table as they haven’t booked the table online. In my case, I have booked it a week before for 9 to 11 pm slot. When I entered the restaurant it is just fabulous ambience and the service given by the staff. Quick table allocation, generous welcome, starter options will be explained, and how starter and the main course will be served that glance all these prompt services I got and every other customer as well. The good part is for every one or two tables one staff is allotted for overall service.


As you enter you will see four main counters scattered— Wish grill counter, bar counter, dessert counter and main course counter. Hall was dazzling with muted lights and paintings. The decor was very much similar to barbeque nation. BBQ may make you bored sometimes but never in Absolute Barbecue because loud and party music goes in background and you will be entertained by staff dance and some other entertainments.

Absolute Barbecue Starters

The most exciting part is AB’s starters which are mouthwatering, grilled at the table. I have told them to bring both veg and non-veg starters. Crispy corns, achari paneer tikka, hara matar ki tikki, American cheesy potato, etc.were the veg and my favourite among these are crispy corns and American cheesy potato. In non-veg, smoky aroma of grilled prelude starters fills the mind. Some non-veg starters were country club BBQ chicken, chilly garlic prawn, hyderabadi tangdi, awadi seekh kabab, and coastal BBQ fish. Everyone’s favourite would be Hyderabadi tangdi, chilly garlic prawns and awadi seekh kabab.

Wish Grill Menu

As you can see in the picture how tempting it looks. Wish grill is more of a stir-fry of dry meats of seafood. I couldn’t resist myself from tasting exotic seafood so I skipped veg wish grill and headed to order seafood wish grill to the wish grill counter. There you need to choose what you like to have and what sausage you want with it. I have been staring at the wish grill counter serving seafood.

Main Course

Only a few people take the privilege of the main course because starters and dessert occupy their stomach’s space. The main course was also laden with a variety of Indian curries and salads.


If you go on weekends you get an option to choose complementary soft drinks at your table. I chose Virgin Mojito, the drink was refreshing and suited my appetizer.  

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Weekend Places In Mumbai

For two-person, it cost around 1500/-
This Pricing will be helpful if you planning for dining with your group.
I have asked the waiter that you give rabbit’s meat but where you get an everyday rabbit as the meat was fresh, he exclaimed: “we cultivate rabbit and other seafood at our slaughter’s store.”


Plus and Minus
The only thing set me back was seat reservations. If you want to go and enjoy your food without waiting you need to book a seat through their website a week before or four to five days before for your time favourite slot. If you directly walk in you may have to wait for 45 min or up to an hour to get your table.

Plus point is staff service is instant and very satisfactory. It doesn't mean the staff of Barbeque Nation was not good though here it's very prompt and satisfactory.

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Top Notch Visiting Places In Mumbai

Mumbai holds prime importance for the capital generation, film opus, and fashion industry and last but not the least for tourism. There are a lot more places to visit in Mumbai for tourist that enhances the tourism of Mumbai.

Best visiting places in Mumbai never fails to amaze us including few places are always full of traffic, and some other areas will give you the peace walking down the place.

I found Mumbai is a very happening place after I have explored other places in India. If you ask me to recommend the best holiday places in Mumbai, I would definitely list out the following locations. You need to search for places to roam in Mumbai if this is your first time in Mumbai.

Mumbai is one of the 36 districts of Maharashtra. Mumbai is the perfect blend of the timely weather cycle. It’s hot in summer, cold in winter and rainy in the rain. I enjoy every climate in Mumbai. Mumbai has subregions like South Mumbai (South Bombay), North Mumbai. High profile localities bang at South Bombay.

1. Marine drive

The majestic beauty of Marine drive makes it the best place in Mumbai.

Marine Drive may be a skillfully laid-out street, stretching on the lineation of Arabian Sea in South Bombay. A three-kilometre long concrete road connects the Nariman Point to Malabar Hills. Officially, it's named as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road. This illustrious beauty looks like ‘Queen’s Necklace’ because it seems to be a string of pearls, once viewed from a height in the late evening.


This street is in style as a sunset purpose among individuals, particularly travellers. The road is lined by palm trees, that build it, appear as if an excellent looking path that's good to require a stroll. Besides, the road conjointly homes lots of hotels aboard that have the best property costs in India in today’s time. To the north is that the Chowpatty Beach, that is known among Mumbaikars and travellers for native victuals.

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The nearest native station to the Marine Drive is that the Churchgate Station. Tourists will either walk to the road from the station or take up taxis, motor vehicle rickshaws, buses or perhaps a Tajikistani monetary unit.

2. Bandra-Worli Sea Link

The magnificent cable-stayed bridge which was built to link two main western suburbs Bandra and Worli as the name of bridge signifies. It extends from Bandra west to Worli is 5.6 Km long from Bandra railway station. Construction of Bridge started in 1999, and it took almost ten years to actually begin functioning for the general public. Bridge opening is laid by Maratha's Warrior late Balasaheb Thackery.

Image credit  @Wikipedia

The Sea link is accessible for 24x7 all days in a week. This is also called Ocean bridge. The original name is Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link. This sea link is India's first cable-stayed bridge built over the sea.

Point to note here is no Pedestrian and two-wheeler is allowed to walk or ride for the concern of safety.

Bandra-Worli sea link offers grandeur views of sea and beautiful sunset. A magnificent landmark with outreaching all tourists across the country.

To reach this beautiful place you can access through roadway but if you want to sight such a beautiful creation then drop at Bandstand. To achieve Bandstand you need to get down at Bandra railway station and from Bandra railway station catch a bus or auto and after 15 min and the bus will drop you near Bandra fort and after two minutes walkable distance Sea link visible from the downside of the sea.

3. Gilbert Hill

This a very very long back rock formation almost 66 million years old two hundred foot monolith stands in the middle of Andheri, Mumbai. This monolith column of rock hill formed due to the volcanic eruption and the lava sprawled into Gilbert Hill. This Hill is of black Basalt rock. Gilbert Hill only remnant of basalt rock from 19000 square miles of this rock.

Picture credit @sanju6189
This rock became subject to quarrying for building houses over the place for years. But in 1952, the Indian Central Government declared it a National Indian Monument and protected from housing development. Mumbaiker believes this huge ancient monument as a little secret visiting place for outsiders.

Not only a historical point but also spirituality come up here in Gilbert Hill two Hindu temple at the top. Gilbert Hill also offers the top view of Mumbai.


You can visit this Hill in Andheri simply start from Andheri railway station pick up a bus or rickshaw.

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4. Kanheri Caves

Kanheri caves reside at tranquil and away from polluted Mumbai city surrounded by a massive forest of Sanjay Gandhi National Park based on the island of Salsette in the western outskirts of Mumbai. If you want to explore the unique historical place for joy and memories of our ancestors then 'Kanheri caves' is one of the best places in Mumbai. At ancient times it was known by "Kanhagiri or Krishnagiri" which narrate black mountains. This caves test the patience of visitor because the entrance of the caves is five kilometres far from Sanjay Gandhi National Park.


This beautiful cultural spot is depicted by many ancient goddess sculptures. There is one prayer hall named 'Chaitya hall' which includes Buddhist shrine refers to a built stupa(stone domed shaped pillar) for the congregation. Walls of some caves and monument were carved by convoluted reliefs of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

You can reach Borivali the main station of the location and from there 2.5 Km far you can reach to the main gate of SGNP(Sanjay Gandhi National Park) via cab or bus or autorickshaws. Kanheri caves based 5 Km from SGNP main gate, so you get many options to reach Kanheri caves via bus or cycling up to the entrance of caves or van rides that shuttle between SGNP main gate and cave entrance.

5. Elephanta Caves

It is also called as 'The City Of Caves' residing on the island of Sea of Oman near to Central Mumbai. It is located on Western India in Elephanta Island and also called the Island of Gharapuri. This epic Sculptured Caves built in mid 5th and 6th centuries AD by Hindu Kalachuri King. This monument predominantly based on Shiva constructed during the Rashtrakutas Dynasty.

When you visit there, you will see big mountains and all around the water. This historic place covers huge land mass over 6000 square feet with big chambers, courtyards and adjoining shrines. The most fantastic sculpture is Trimurti sadashiva sculpture which is 20 feet high three-faced lord Shiva. This rock-cut mountain is built on Hindu and Buddhist culture intriguing latticework of rock-cut sculpture design. Some of the amazing sculptures were destroyed by the Portuguese in 1547 to take gold from sculptures, and few got ruined by nature. But yet there is a lot to offer by this strong caves.


To reach Elephanta caves you need to arrive Gateway of India which is located in the CST. From morning 7 am till 5 pm on every 15 min ferry goes from Gateway of India to Gharapuri Island. It will take almost one hour to reach the Island. Entry fees to Caves are Rs. 10 per person for Indian and neighbour countries, and for foreign countries it's Rs. 250 per person.

From there you need to start the trip by taking steps for a long walk or take the ride of a toy train.

Best time to Visit Elephanta Caves is between November to February.

6. Gateway Of India

how-to-reach-gateway-of-indiaGateway of India is the most unique and renowned landmark located at Apollo Bunder Waterfront in Southern Mumbai. It was built to commemorate the 1911 royal visit of King George Vand Queen Mary to Mumbai. This colossal monument constructed in 1924. This arch at the entrance to the sea becomes a major tourist attraction.

Top-places-to-visit-in-mumbaiGateway of India depicts the grandeur of British Raj of 200 years in India. The central arch of the monument is about 48 feet broad, with a total height of 83 feet. Designed with intricate latticework, the 4 turrets are the prominent features of the entire structure of the Gateway of India. Gateway of India stands guard facing the Arabian Sea in bustling Colaba area of Mumbai.

A nearby attraction for the tourist is Elephanta caves which I mentioned above. You can enjoy two tourist place in one go. Attractive restaurants near the place like Taj, Gateway, Pizza Express, Cafe Mondegar, etc.

It is open for all 24*7, all days of the week. A good time spending place in Mumbai. People start from morning to visit this place till evening here. The nearby railway station is Churchgate from there either a shared or individual city taxi can be availed.

I hope you would enjoy small Mumbai trip with me. I am sure you would visit these Top notch visiting places in Mumbai and share your experience down below in the comment section.

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