When I was a teenager I had like the worst skin ever. I had big craters like pimples that on my cheeks,  which it was totally awful. I tried everything I could to get them to go away. Not only this, I use to get lots of advice, what I should do about it some are ‘Wash your face frequently’, ‘Cut down your potato chips(my favourite timepass food)’, ‘Cut down on the chocolates’, etc You will not believe that but I use to take this advice seriously and followed them. No positive results I have seen. So I knew a lot of acne myths out there and I have fallen the part for some of it. Basically, I tried every unsuccessful method to get rid of these acne problems. In this article, we will be clarifying the most common acne myths and corresponding facts about acne, which you must know for treating your acne successfully. So let’s try to dispel some of this myths.


Myth: Tanning clears up acne

Fact: No it doesn’t. Actual leading to this myth is when you have dark spots which the acne leaves behind then you stand out in the open sun, the whole skin gets dark, so the dark covers the dark. I recommend you to use sunscreen with at least SPF-15. Also make sure that if you have very acne prone skin, then use non-acnegenic or non-comedogenic sunscreen or zinc oxide based sunscreen.


Myth: French fries cause acne

Fact: You may have heard that eating too much greasy food can cause acne problem to you. Although it is important for your health to have a balanced diet, there is no scientific proof that eating greasy food directly can cause acne. An even recent study from American Academy of Dermatology as of 2007 has revealed that restricting greasy foods has not been beneficial for the people with acne. While you should probably keep consumption of french fries in moderation and greasy food have little or no effect on acne. Eating food high in oil doesn’t mean that oil can make its way from your intestine, straight to your pores.

Myth: Popping a pimple can help clear it up

Fact: Many of teenagers has often told popping a zit can clear up your skin. But the fact is popping an acne can spread the infection to nearby skin and make matter worse. Don’t touch your pimples with unwashed hands. Constant touching your acne can inflame your skin and can contribute to spreading of bacteria and aggravating acne condition.

Myth: Acne occurs due to the unhygienic issue

Fact: It’s of the most common myths about acne perpetuated. If you keep your skin dirty or not removing makeup and it stays there overnight there then it can aggravate existing pimples. In fact, it has been medically proven that acne is not a hygiene issue. Not only this, frequent washing of the face and aggressively scrubbing your face can make acne breakout much worse.

Myth: Using same brand soap for years can cause acne

Fact: This another myth where some say using same brand soap for years can make your skin rough and probably prone to acne. Although acne may occur due to other specific reason blame goes to the soap which might be perfect for skin.

Myth: Toothpaste can heal a zit

Fact: Toothpaste can dry pimples out, but it’s not made for your skin. So it can cause irritation and rashes. I will suggest if you have sensitive skin like mine don’t go for this option ever.

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Myth: Cleansing and exfoliation of the skin hard can rid off acne

Fact: Totally false. If you would be Harsher on your skin the more obnoxious it will be. Handle your skin of face with more gentle than any other thing. Exfoliation removes the build-up of dead skin cells on your skin. Compounds like sulfur, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid; reduces swelling, redness and absorbs excess oils. But over-exfoliating skin can cause more harm than good to your skin. So if you don’t want further acne, make sure you can exfoliate only twice a week.

Myth: Acne problem happens only to the teens

Fact: This is probably the biggest acne myth. It’s true that acne takes place due to hormonal fluctuations in the body. Though it’s probably not much comfort for teens, it’s still a myth that they are only ones to experience acne. In fact, Acne can happen at any age, even in the 30s, 40s, or 50s.

Myth: Acne goes on its own😐

Fact: This is one of the foolest myth that people tell but the dermatologist all over the world, says it is best to treat acne in its early stages with the right product. This helps to prevent future breakouts.

Myth: All acne is of the same type

Fact: There are actually different types of acne and it is important to know each type of acne in order to treat this acne. The two main categories of acne are non-inflammatory and inflammatory acne.
Under non-inflammatory acne type, two different sub-categorized acne includes- Blackhead and Whitehead. On the other hand, inflammatory acne includes- Papules and Pustules. To explain this types of acne and their treatment options I will be discussing in my upcoming post. So stay tuned with Eureka Of Life.

Myth: Sex causes acne

Fact: This an old-age myth. This an idea dating back to the 17th century which was put to a dissuade young couple from having sex before marriage.😏 But this technique won’t work for today’s generation. There is no evidence to substantiate the claim.

Myth: Chocolates cause breakouts

Fact: Chocolates have no relation to your acne but do have a direct relation to blood glucose. Actually, there are a few shreds of evidence that specific foods actually do cause acne. Well designed clinical studies in the future will establish the real role of diet as a causative factor for acne. Currently, I will recommend everything in moderation.

Myth: Stress produces the acne

Fact: Not completely false, but also not completely true. Stress alone doesn’t cause acne. While excess stress can aggravate the acne production, but stress alone is not the major causative factor for acne. The acne-flareups that result from stress is due to hormonal changes.

Myth: Smoking does not have any impact on acne

Fact: Another of the little-known fact is that cigarette smoking does have an impact on acne. Numerous studies have now established that smoking does have an impact on acne and can actually worsen acne’s severity.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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