Matteo Ciacci is the world’s youngest president since 1st April 2018 till now. Matteo ciacci is the Sammarinese politician. Matteo Ciacci was born on 5 May 1990 in Borgo Maggiore, San Marino. He studied Jurisprudence and graduated in Law from the University of  Urbino. He previously served as Sports Manager at Fiorentino Calcio. 

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28-year old Matteo Ciacci created history by becoming Captain Regent of the Republic San Marino alongside serving with Stefano Palmieri. Matteo Ciacci will be handling the rights of San Marino for six months. Stefano Palmieri already served the same position for the semester 1st October 2009 to 1st Aprill 2010.

Matteo Ciacci is working as an official at Civico 10 headquarter. He is the co-founder of the football association. He joined the council in 2016 and since then he was the coordinator of the Civic Movement10 of which he is the founder. Also, he is the member of Council Xll of the finance, health, Anti-Mafia commissions and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean.

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Matteo Ciacci is always passionate about football and skiing and fascinated by innovation and technology. He got engaged to Valentina Bollini, his colleague at Council.

Constitution of San Marino and Grand General council elects new Captain Regent every six months among sixty members of San Marino Parliament. Every year on 1st April and 1st October, investiture from the Captain Regent chooses their Captain Regent to represent their country.

‘San Marino’ one of the world’s smallest countries in the world and is natal to Matteo ciacci. San Marino is also known as the Most Serene Republic San Marino. 

San Marino is one of the Republic countries since the start. It is enclaved micro-country surrounded by Italy. It is said that San Marino is the land of clifftop castles and embedded a nature’s mystery. San Marino, the smallest country measuring 61 sq km and made up of nine municipalities each hosting their own settlements.

“It will be an honor and a burden, a recognition after years of work, it is a good sign that a young person is given a chance like this”, said Ciacci.

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Matteo Ciacci had the honored day on 1st April 2018 and became the youngest Captain Regent of the Republic San Marino and created the history. 



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