21 Ways To Make Your Mood Happy

Have you ever got everything in your life at the right time?

Nothing works in the way you want it to be. Sometimes everything can go against your plan. In your tough times, you feel devastated, the world seems ended but after quiet time you realize it didn’t end for other people, it ended only for you. Whenever you feel low just think what things can you do to add meaning or add value to your life. See shortly the ways how to be happy in your difficult times.

At this hard times, you wish magic to happen and transforms your mood to a perfect gaiety. Let me share with you my 21 ways to make your mood happy.


1. Recall all good memories

Good memories are always conducive to happiness. It’s time to dig out all good time yearbooks. Memories play a very important role in your mood, they always flood your empty brain when you sitting idle. Always try to recollect good memories only that will boost your mood.

2. Get up and dress beautifully

People love some outfits which make them feel good. When you feel good you look good, you perform much better in your forte. Dressing beautifully make you feel confident and it makes your mood happy. 

Have you ever thought why in corporate offices and business formal wear is compulsory? or why army officers and pilots are always in their uniform? Why the hotel manager has to be in business formals?

Yes, you got me right here, being smartly and formally dressed in business suits instills a responsibility and can actually boost professionalism.

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3. Divert your mind

Nature is the best distraction specifically when we in search of happiness. Animals, birds, mountains, grass, trees, seashore, etc. can give complete relaxation to your mind and happy state of mind.

4. Stop overthinking

Take a deep breath when you nervous. Fear of failure will always restrict you from learning so never bother about unnecessary consequences. So stop overthinking and live life’s every moment to the fullest. Failure is the first step to success.

5. Listen to your favourite music

Listening to music actually can help you to lift your mood and apparently science agrees. Music of your favourite genre can heal mental trauma as fast as medication therapy.

6. Dance like no one is watching

Studies suggested that dancing bring all your muscles into work and that indirectly boost up the mood. So dance like no one is watching whenever you feel low.


7. Read positive and motivational quotes

Filling your mind with positive and motivational quotes especially at the start of the day which is always beneficial. A positive attitude leads to a more productive day.

8. Talk to Charismatic personality people

Charismatic persons always carry confidence and inspiration which helps others to bring confidence and makes feel like “Nothing is impossible” which brings spurs to make you feel happy. Whereas people like Debbie Downers will always bring down the mood of others even at happiest of times, so restrict yourself for goofing around them.

9. Eat for the right mood

Favourite junk food dishes debilitating your healthy regimen. Foods like salmon fish, chia seeds, walnuts, peaches, strawberries, spinach are high in omega-3 fatty acids which are proven to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Thus, foods can turn your mood happy.

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10. Get absorbed in good thoughts

Positive thoughts lead to a positive attitude. Get up in the morning repeat some affirmation statement about yourself. Bad news or good news both blow out your mind with a grievance or with excitation but if you handle both situations wisely and positively, your life will be smooth.

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11. Smile

Smiling can make your brain to trick and release a chemical called serotonin which makes your mood happier than normal. This chemical reaction elevates your mood and the whole body become active. Watch funny videos or talk to people who always make you laugh. If everything fails then just fake it. Some studies said that act of smiling alone can feel you happier.

12. Make happy others

You should always find yourself helping others and at the same time take a look at those people who always supported, mentored and helped you at hard times. Always adopt a wider perspective to accept others opinions.

13. Celebrate good times

Winning a lottery, buying car, getting married, getting six digit salary job, becoming parents, etc this all big happiness are not often or not achieved in a short span but small pleasures like feeling the first rain of season, meeting close friends, eating sweets with someone special, watching movie, enjoying ice creams, enjoying sunset in beach, small trip with family etc these all fulfill our life with happiness. Always celebrate good times.

14. Snuggle up

Researchers found a strong bond between the soft thing and your mood. Something’s there which enhances a happy mood and you also feels relaxed.

15. Count on your blessings

It’s a human attitude to look for the things what we don’t have rather than what we do have. Think about and write it down the achievements and rewarding thing you have done in your life. This will bring the bunch of happiness in your life every day.

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16. Eat chocolates

Chocolates can bring up anyone’s mood up. Especially chocolates like dark chocolate enhances serotonin level in the body and that’s the reason chocolates enhances happy mood.

17. Have a positive self-image

Keep an upright posture, keep eye contact, speak slowly and positively and smile. This will make you feel confident and others will also feel the surge in confidence.

18. Fill surrounding with colors

Bright color always boosts your confidence and self-esteem. There is a scientific reason behind dull colors pulls you down makes brain dull while bright colors make your brain active and happy. Fill your surrounding with bright and multi- colors. Always carry yourself in bright colors to make you feel content.

19. Make your body happy

Eat real food to make the inner body happy. Because if you make your body happy, it will make you happy. Not only food will make the body happy, but also complete and peaceful sleep is necessary. If you never exercised or done work out, then make a commitment of quick walk once a day at least.

20. Be grateful

Being grateful is a choice and this choice will make your life happier and easier.

Gratitude turns what we have into enough, turns denial into acceptance, turns confusion into clarity, a house into a home, strangers into a friend.

Even if you are at weed of business or really busy with job and personal life, take the moment to make the list of everything you have going at right direction— no matter how small is it. Express thankfulness to everyone whoever been a part of your life. This will bring joy to your life as well as to others.

21. Building good relation

Having too many friends is not necessary but having the right and true people around you makes the world of difference in your mood.

Tell me about your way of turning a bad mood into a happy one. Share your thought or recommendations in the comment below.

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  1. In this stressfull life it is very important to be happy and everyone has its own way.
    Some are happy by going on long ride whereas some are happy by playing with dog, some are happy with shopping whereas some are happy are with eating and the list is on and on.
    Great job and keep it up 👍🏻

  2. Indeed these are very essential tips to keep ourselves not only happier but also healthier. Very glad that you bought this up in your topic which are general necessities to everyone which we forget mostly due to present environment running necessities. Hahaha! I din't expect the twist of chocolate eating , well done. Good work and keep it up. Quora Gaffer


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