There’s a lot more than you think about fitness and lot more benefits of fitness. A recent study established and revealed 40-60% people’s new year’s revolution is set for “how to get motivated for weight loss“, So maybe this 50 interesting facts about health and fitness help you to get your goal. Interesting facts about fitness and health will astonish all whether you be gym bunny or a newbie in the fitness world. Here I will share 50 amazing facts on fitness that probably you never knew.


1. 30 minutes daily exercise is all you have to do to reap the well-being and keep your body disease-free.

2. Cardiovascular exercises blow brain performance by increasing the number of new brain cells.

3. Those who fear to exercise due heart attack while exercising, consoling them by clarifying their risk is 1 of every 2,567,707 exercises.

4. Physical fitness expert says taking the stairs, planting and gardening, walking instead of rushing with a vehicle, is as compelling as planned daily exercises to enhance fitness.

5. Acquiring a simple lifestyle can bring 15-20 years in organic age.

6. An organized older individual who practices routinely exercises can accomplish the most extreme oxygen intake than of a man 15 years more youthful.

7. Every time you notice exercising is incomplete without music in the background. Why? Music improves workout performances by 15%, scientifically proved.

8. Heart become stronger the more you exercise and pumps more blood per beat. So at rest pulse is slower.

9. Fat person experience more difficulty in dissolving blood clots than a normal healthy slim person. The anti-coagulating agent called ’tissue plasminogen activator’ is less produced and release less which leads to higher risk of heart attacks and strokes.

10. Overweight persons who walk 30 to 40 minutes 5 times each week for 3 months start to release the chemical called ‘t-PA’ expected to reduce their odds of blood clots.

11. There are around 60,000 miles of veins in the body generally minutes vessels are responsible for the emulsifying the muscles.

12. When the body in rest, only a few of capillaries will open rather would open 50 times while the muscle is being worked out.

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13. A simple exercise of jogging won’t just open up more vessels however would likewise help in the production of new vessels to supply more blood to muscles and subsequently decrease the blood pressure.

14. Heart muscles are so strong that they will continue beating even after disconnected from the body.

15. Exercise not only increases blood flow of veins in the skeletal muscles tissue, it additionally does likewise with the heart.

16. Exercise helps to form new vessels even after blood occlusion.

17. Muscles are more efficient at burning calories than fat.

18. Only single muscle in your body is attached at one end that is your tongue.

19. A human body has more than 650 muscles in total.

20. Hardest-working muscles in the human body are only who keeps pumping and pumping 24/7 is heart muscles.

21. Masseter or jaw muscle is the strongest muscle in the human body that can exert a force of 4337N max.

22. Exercise can make the heart stronger in the midst of stress. Additionally brings down blood pressure.

23. A person generally breathes 7 quartz of air every minute.

24. When the normal inactive person reaches the age of 65, they will have lost up to 40% of their muscle mass and strength as compared with when they were youthful grown-ups.

25. Unexercised muscles degrade at an extraordinary rate. When a person is immobilized completely, since initial three days that person starts to lose around one-fifth of his maximal muscle strength.

26. Your heart rests between each beat. Over the normal lifespan of 70 years, your heart is still around 20 years time.

27. You use around 200 muscles to take one stride.

28. A sedentary lifestyle can actually decrease the lifespan and quality of older age life by 25 percent.

29. Incalculable sit-ups and bends with an end goal to free your belly from fat stores serve just to work the muscles that are underneath the fat.

30. Rather choosing a walk, choose jogging for 30 minutes, you’ll cover more distance and thus burns off more calories.

31. Roughly, 10 minutes daily rope skipping approximately equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging per day as far as cardiovascular benefits considered. It has been seen that basic rope skipping produces the best fitness in the shortest time

32. You have to burn approx 7500 calories to lose 1 Kg.

33. Weight lifting and muscle stretching exercises increase muscle mass. Pound for pound, muscle burns more calories than body fat. So the more muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate and quicker you would lose calories.

34. With every half a kilo (1 Lb) of muscle you gain, your body burns an extra 50 calories per day.

35. Your muscles mass are ordinarily around 40-50 percent of your body weight.

36. Each muscle fiber is as thin as the hair strand. But can support up to 1000 times their own weight.

37. 75% of the muscle is water. Drink somewhere around 16 ounces of water every 10-20 minutes amid your exercise to stay away from weakness or fatigue from lack of hydration.

38. Cool water is suggested over warm water, because of its quicker rate of gastric emptying.

39. Maintain a strategic distance from alcohol, as it imitates dehydration of the body.

Say no to alcohol

40. When we sleep deep, our breathing, our pulse, and heart rate reach their lowest rate throughout the day.

41. The most adult requires a minimum of eight hours of sleep to work at their best.

42. Cats sleep for 18 hours every day, elephants sleep for 2 hours a day, and giraffes for not more than 20 minutes and we humans require 8 hours sleep to function our brain properly.

43. Smiling is a good exercise for facial muscles and for your heart. You use 17 muscles so to grin, and 43 to frown.

44. There is “no best time to exercise” but the type of exercise and surrounding decides the best time that works for your exercise.

45. After exercise muscle soreness occurs approximately 24 hour later, due to trauma caused to the tissue and muscles, not due to the accumulation of lactic acids which normally drains out after an hour of exercise.

46. Visualizing your completing exercise reassure you again do exercise with more enthusiasm and effectiveness.

47. Women and men respond to exercise differently. Working with your partner make you feel motivated but many times the same regimen can’t be followed by both. Try to tailor what works best for you.

48. 60% of Gym Membership go unused of unenthusiastic men. It’s been proved they take membership just for self-condolence.

49. Eating dry fruits sounds healthy, but the drying process removes it’s 30-80% of vitamins and antioxidants. It’s much better to eat fresh fruits.

50. Start with the short cardio workout to warm up your muscles before stretching to get a deeper, more impactful stretch.

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