World’s Weirdest Weight Loss Diets

Are you looking for shedding some pounds? Then you must be following one of Weight Loss Diets and might have tried a few of Easy Weight Loss Diets. But have you heard of some Weird Weight Loss Diets ever? For Weight loss journey people go for any weird diets that work fast for them.

Weight Loss Diet has taken many names over the recent years and making people crazy about it. Some crazy event happens which give rises diets that work fast to lose weight. Let’s put on the light on World’s Weird Weight Loss Diets

1. Cotton ball diet

Cotton balls diet is just one of the latest weirdest weight loss diet that focuses on appetite suppression. This diet is nothing but fad diet which makes people eat real cotton balls that are dipped into their favourite fruit juices or smoothies. Cotton doesn’t have calories — obviously but this can fill your stomach and less satiety.
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Cotton isn’t in the pure form. Fibres of cotton are processed with bleach and other chemicals during the preparation. Bleach and other chemicals are hazardous to health.

People with anorexia nervosa develop an extreme fear of gaining weight and becoming obese. These develop intent to go for such diets called Cotton Balls Diet.

2. The avoiding swamps diet

The Avoiding Swamp Diet” presents some bizarre reason for weight loss. Thomas Short, who brought this diet into existence said obese people tend to stay near the swamp area. To enhance weight loss he observed living away from the swamp area helps burning fat.

3. The Slimming Soap Diet

Don’t turn up your nose in disgust before reading it completely. Here diet not refers to eat soap instead of applying with a hot shower. This diet doesn’t go with normal soap. Soap made out of rare deep seaweeds and this helps to weight loss. This diet works by applying the unique soap prepared from seaweeds that penetrates the skin pores by osmosis and hit the body fat that lies just under your skin.

Post-shower you may lose extra water and tends weight loss. You might feel dehydrated after this diet.

Weird weight loss diets

4. The Cigarette Diet

This weight loss diet deals with suppression of appetite by smoking cigarettes. This diet traditionally created from a 1920’s Lucky Strike Cigarette advertising campaign and this meant to promote smoking instead of eating food.

Nicotine has the same effect as of cigarette with appetite concern. Doctors prescribe nicotine for appetite suppress and promoting weight loss.

As it is cigarette dealing diet must have side effects which include increased risk for diabetes, strokes, lung cancer and other respiratory problems, blood clotting that leads to heart attack, etc. I personally don’t recommend this diet for weight loss dieters especially because it increases the risk for other health complications.

People who followed this diet reported it’s expensive to have to keep buying cigarettes, and they felt worse off than when before they started.

5. The Graham Diet

Graham Diet strictly focuses on vegetarians eating plan. This diet puts a restriction for alcohol and white bread. Graham Diet is put forth by obviously “Sylvester Graham” and he also invented graham cracker previously called graham bread. This graham bread made of whole grain bread and additive free. This bread is part of The Graham Diet. This bread contributed taste with salt and cinnamon. These bread alike to digestive biscuits but unlike to texture and taste.

This diet brings the fullness of the stomach and restricts on your extra calories. People gave positive review post following this diet. In this diet, you need to eat this bread only no other carbohydrate.

6. The Sleeping Beauty Diet

As the name tells sleeping, this diet is focused to avoid hunger by sleeping. You are sleeping means no eating, so principle goes with “The Sleeping Beauty Diet”. Your starvation is bonded with sleep. This sometimes brings malnutrition also.

Sleeping Beauty Diet plan forces to sedate by taking some drugs like Xanax and sleep for more like more than 10 hours a day. This diet is first presented in 1966, in Jacqueline Susann’s best-selling novel, Valley of the Dolls.

Studies revealed when you are drained during the day because you haven’t got proper and complete sleep, then your body calls for sugar or caffeine in order to give you the energy that you are lacking. This diet works inversely similar, more sleepless eating and balancing energy level(for few hours).

7. HCG Diet

HCG Diet is named after a pregnancy hormone (hCG) which is produced in the body. Our urine contains the human chorionic gonadotropin(hCG) hormone, which helps digestion and shed calories quicker when it is in the body. People following this diet infuses urine into their body which is fundamentally infusing dangerous synthetic compounds into their circulatory system.

8. The Tapeworm Diet

Tapeworm Diet is ideally based on ingestion of tapeworm egg pill and internally growing tapeworm in the intestinal wall and feeds off the energy and nutrients from the food comes in the intestine. These worms grow larger and after a few months, you have to visit the doctor to take medications to kill the tapeworms. Then dead creepy crawler passes out your body.

It’s not permitted to buy tapeworm egg pills or parasites for weight loss in the USA and a few other countries. You can allegedly order from countries like Venezuela or Mexico where it is legal.

9. Tongue Patch Diet

Tongue Patch Diet is painful among all above. In this diet, your tongue is stitched with a plastic mesh patch. This patch act as a barrier for whatever you eat makes difficult to eat or swallow. Yes right you cannot eat any solid food with this patch, so this diet comes with an 800-calorie per day liquid diet of shakes and drinks until the patch passes off.

According to ABC News, one doctor in Venezuela successfully completed 800 of these procedures. Doctor charges $2000 for the overall process of diet but promises 18 to 20 pounds of weight loss in 30 days.

10. The Insulin Abuse Diet

Injecting insulin to a diabetic is common and medically accepted, but injecting insulin to a healthy fit person for weight loss. Isn’t that weird? Weight loss fad gave rise to this diet just because insulin lowers the blood sugar and utilizes stored fat to form energy. Insulin also suppresses the appetite by reducing ghrelin which is responsible for stimulation of appetite. Thus, abused insulin for weight loss.

This diet is been used by many athletes to get a lean body. They take insulin with growth hormone, both anabolic in nature and work conventionally for weight loss. As insulin has a very short half-life so it is nearly impossible to detect insulin by clinical laboratory tests for athletes.

Insulin Abuse Diet silently can risk causing damage to liver, bladders, and kidneys. Now you have to decide you want to lose your weight or your body organs.

Weight loss can be achieved along with maintenance through a healthy diet and routine exercises not by following an unhealthy weird weight loss diets.
Intent to write this post is to make all aware of these weirdest Weight Loss Diets can actually harm to health instead of losing weight you get into some health problem. None of the above is approved by the FDA.

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