Japanese women have enormously beautiful skin that every woman desire the same. Obvious, they have slightly different skin genes but this not only the reason for their flawless skin. Here I brought you some Japanese Flawless Beauty Secrets.

tsubaki oil japanese beauty secret

1. Green Tea

This is not new to hear I know. Japan widely uses green tea as compared to any other tea. Green tea has a good source of antioxidants. Thus, helps to remove toxins from the body. People over there know the importance of green tea bags after making drinking tea, they put over under eyes to reduce dark circles. Check out the Japanese green tea powder

2. Rice water

One of the famous beauty treatment of Japanese women is Japanese rice bran treatment. This is also called as Komenuka Rice Bran Wash. Komenuka(or Nuka) is a Japanese word for bran of rice. This pure and natural rice bran removes dirt traces and exfoliate the skin gently without making the skin dry. Check Out here- Japanese Rice Bran

3. Fishes

Japanese people include more fishes in their diets. Fishes are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D which help in the production of toxins. Also, fishes on a daily basis keep them filled with iodine requirements. Omega-3 fatty acid supplements give an equivalent daily recommended unit.

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4. Herbal oil

Japanese uses herbal based oil to cleanse and tone their skin. Oils like Camellia oil(Tsubaki oil), sesame oil, jojoba oil and before using this directly on face dilute it. These oils restore the moisture, reduces fine lines and wrinkles. In Japan, women turned up Tsubaki oil for hair, skin and overall wellness since ages.

5. Exfoliation

Azuki beans

Japanese exfoliate their skin by red little beans also called azuki beans. Azuki beans contain high antioxidant and the naturally occurring foaming agent called saponin.

6. Bathing

Japanese believe bathing is just not cleaning body; it’s more of a beauty ritual. Steam bathing before bed will not only leave clean but also make feel relaxed. Body muscles get relaxed, body pain reduced and your mind is refreshed.

7. Hair treatment

Japanese gets tired of straightening their hair every morning, wasting time and look great by using cure one-step magic straight treatment? Cure one-step is a permanent hair straightening product that will give you salon results in the comfort of your own home. A combination of essential oils including Tsubaki oil and extracts which keeps your hair soft and lustrous after treatment.

The application takes less than 2 hours to complete and the results can last from 2-6 months depending on the condition and type of hair you have. In Cure one-step application therapy you need to partition hair in 4 and deal with each part in 2 hr time slot per day. 1 hour to keep the solution in hair and 1 hour to straighten it. Then over a period of 7 – 8 days

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