Absolute Barbecue Vizag is supreme over Barbecue Nation in terms of food, decor, and services. India’s favourite wish grill restaurant AB or Absolute Barbecue has now opened its door at Vizag almost 6 months back. Yes, a recent branch of Absolute Barbecue in Vizag offers fresh and crispy kinds of seafood, which you had never tasted before. Absolute Barbecue Vizag Menu has opted seafood as Vizag is surrounded by an ocean which makes seafood available easily.
AB’s is the place for unprecedented food adventure and excitement to a new height and makes your mood foodie. Yes, you can add one more place of must visit to your “Vizag diary”. The beauty of Vizag will be enhanced more with glams of AB’s.

I do not always get a chance to dine out with lots of seafood option especially squid, rabbit, octopus, etc. AB made it so easy to grab all favourite at one place.
Visited at the venue and seen many people were waiting for the table as they haven’t booked the table online. In my case, I have booked it a week before for 9 to 11 pm slot. When I entered the restaurant it is just fabulous ambience and the service given by the staff. Quick table allocation, generous welcome, starter options will be explained, and how starter and the main course will be served that glance all these prompt services I got and every other customer as well. The good part is for every one or two tables one staff is allotted for overall service.


As you enter you will see four main counters scattered— Wish grill counter, bar counter, dessert counter and main course counter. Hall was dazzling with muted lights and paintings. The decor was very much similar to barbeque nation. BBQ may make you bored sometimes but never in Absolute Barbecue because loud and party music goes in background and you will be entertained by staff dance and some other entertainments.

Absolute Barbecue Starters

The most exciting part is AB’s starters which are mouthwatering, grilled at the table. I have told them to bring both veg and non-veg starters. Crispy corns, achari paneer tikka, hara matar ki tikki, American cheesy potato, etc.were the veg and my favourite among these are crispy corns and American cheesy potato. In non-veg, smoky aroma of grilled prelude starters fills the mind. Some non-veg starters were country club BBQ chicken, chilly garlic prawn, hyderabadi tangdi, awadi seekh kabab, and coastal BBQ fish. Everyone’s favourite would be Hyderabadi tangdi, chilly garlic prawns and awadi seekh kabab.

Wish Grill Menu

As you can see in the picture how tempting it looks. Wish grill is more of a stir-fry of dry meats of seafood. I couldn’t resist myself from tasting exotic seafood so I skipped veg wish grill and headed to order seafood wish grill to the wish grill counter. There you need to choose what you like to have and what sausage you want with it. I have been staring at the wish grill counter serving seafood.

Main Course

Only a few people take the privilege of the main course because starters and dessert occupy their stomach’s space. The main course was also laden with a variety of Indian curries and salads.
If you go on weekends you get an option to choose complementary soft drinks at your table. I chose Virgin Mojito, the drink was refreshing and suited my appetizer.  
For two-person, it cost around 1500/-
This Pricing will be helpful if you planning for dining with your group.
I have asked the waiter that you give rabbit’s meat but where you get an everyday rabbit as the meat was fresh, he exclaimed: “we cultivate rabbit and other seafood at our slaughter’s store.”


Plus and Minus
The only thing set me back was seat reservations. If you want to go and enjoy your food without waiting you need to book a seat through their website a week before or four to five days before for your time favourite slot. If you directly walk in you may have to wait for 45 min or up to an hour to get your table.

Plus point is staff service is instant and very satisfactory. It doesn’t mean the staff of Barbeque Nation was not good though here it’s very prompt and satisfactory.

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