How Wedding Planner Works In India?

Everyone lookup for a grand wedding which brings whale of a time for the audience. Nowadays, marriages are not mundane and boring as before. Everyone keeps an eye on magnificent captivating marriages and parents alone fail to conduct such marriage. Here, comes the wedding planner role in planning the whole wedding as the blossom event constituting of small rituals events.

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Now wedding planning business is no more taken as a luxury rather seen as an inevitable business in wedding bells. Wedding planner roles seems full of bed of roses, but they owe a big chunk of responsibilities and expectations. A wedding planner works in close interaction with the bride and groom to coordinate different ceremonies. Here,s the list of few roles and job to understand how wedding planner works in India:
1. Understand the Bride and Groom’s 
It is very important to understand the expectations of the bride and groom how marriage should be executed. Get to know both families likes and dislikes as this will help wedding planner to coordinate the wedding program.
2. Venue decision
Wedding planner keeps the options of wedding’s venue, and families and couple take the decision to select the right fit wedding hall. The wedding planner needs to find wedding hall as per the given location by clients who fit for their budget.
3. Food Menu and Caterers
With regards to the bride and groom’s favourite food items they want to serve, the wedding planner should be able to provide suggestions. Some Indian families prefer only vegetarian, and some would prefer non-vegetarian foods. So, the wedding planner must be able to bestow the best dishes as per their tastes. The wedding planner has colossal contacts with food and catering vendors which help to negotiate in cost and variety of dishes.
4. Decorations
The main part of fame comes with wedding hall decorations. Nowadays better the stage and hall decoration better the status of families are considered. So, wedding planner needs to stands out with their stunning and remarkable hall decoration. Small events in the wedding including Mehendi and sangeet also require appropriate ambience and decorations which can be availed by wedding planners.
5. Honeymoon Venue
This comes optional event, but a wedding planner needs to give suggestion on beautiful and within budget honeymoon places for wedding couples. Wedding planners need to have useful contacts with tour and travels.

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