Araku Valley – A Beautiful Tourist Place To Visit During Winter

The best time to visit Araku Valley is from October to February that gives you the cooler and crispier temperatures of a minimum of 10 degrees Celcius and outstanding sightseeing views and beautiful ambience. We started our journey in December, which is supposedly the coldest month of the year in Araku.

Araku valley is a hill station in Vishakhapatnam district, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is a famous tourist attraction in southern India, which is prominently nestled in the Eastern Ghats. The fascinating thing about the ‘Araku trip “is travel while reaching the valley; one will find lots of coffee plantations and beautiful waterfalls, which makes the scenic views while travelling. Araku valley is the 120 Km distant west from the Vishakhapatnam (Vizag city). Araku is referred to as “Ooty of Andhra Pradesh.”

Araku trip was my long-awaited trip of the year. Every trip has its own best enjoyable thing; likewise, the Araku trip given us the temperature and sightseeing. Isn’t that ensues excitement for Araku trip? Araku is the trip of a two-day trip or one-day short trip, but you need two days in hand to get all the spots to be covered. During this trip of two days and one night, I had stayed at “Hills and Valley Resort” which has a reasonable rate with standard stay facility including night fire camp.

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Araku is inhabited by the different tribal communities. Tribals make their living through cultivation and selling coffee, spices, nuts, tamarinds, and various bamboo handicrafts to the tourists and commuters.

How to reach Araku

The journey from Vizag city to Araku is quite exceptional. A couple of options available for the journey to reach Araku like train journey (3 hours) and a road journey with private vehicles or public bus to Araku (4 hours). Express buses run by Apsrtc on a daily basis from Vishakhapatnam to Araku and from Araku to Vishakhapatnam, for which you need to catch the bus from Vuda park bus stop or Isukathota bus stop (NH16) and other buses also stop available to pick the passenger.

Unveiling Beauty Of Araku

Araku Valley

Vizag or Vishakhapatnam is the nearest railway station to Araku. If you have a long vacation to wander high hills of ‘Araku Valley,’ then keep a day spare for sight viewing beautiful Vizag beaches and picturesque landscapes.


As I mentioned, the earlier Araku trip is ecstatic about the journey rather than the destination. The journey of the train that takes almost three and a half hours to reach Araku valley while in the journey, you will enjoy 58 long tunnels that make a splash through eastern ghats. Each tunnel computes as long as 520 meters. Also, 84 major bridges it goes through which compose most amazing views of the journey.

Chaparai Waterfalls

I was flabbergasted by seeing the scene of this place, which depicts a waterfall and river and forest surrounding the waterfall. Though it was a little raining (which was unexpected), I managed to take some beautiful snaps. I enjoyed the ever-flowing Gosthani river whimsically. Raining indeed made the colour of the river to a slightly muddy. 
Best_time_to_visit_Araku Chappara_waterfalls

Borra caves

Borra caves are situated on the Ananthagiri hills of the Araku Valley. These caves were discovered by famous British geologist William King in 1807. Borra caves are million years aged and are considered the deepest cave in India. 

I spent the revelling afternoon in Borra Caves with smoky fogs on the way. Borra caves are the ancient natural caves, originated from the coolest river “Gosthani,” which flows through these caves. Per person fee is 60 / – and children- 45 / – and they are allowing mobile phones nowadays. For a digital camera, you need to pay 100 / -.

araku_waterfalls  best time to visit araku

Animal lovers will love Borra Caves as there are monkeys, bats, geckos hidden in the cave, and dark conjure. One small story I heard from the guide that this place named after an incident happened with borra (a bull). 

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Coffee Museum
There has been a history of the aromatic beverage named “Coffee” in Araku valley. The Museum of coffee “Araku Valley Coffee House” has every detail of the history of how coffee plantation is taken up to a business level by tribal people. The museum serves all types of coffee in refined packaging. You will also find the edible chocolates made of pure coffee or dark chocolate. 

famous araku coffee museum beautiful_places_for_holidays

The magnificence of Coffee Museum is shown via dioramas, the origins of coffee started in Ethiopia, and its migration all the way through Araku Valley. This museum is owned by Prakash Rao, who brought the concept of coffee catering service in Araku in 1930. And in 1954, he opened this Coffee Museum. There is an entry fee of 10 rupees per person, which is very reasonable.

Ananthagiri Coffee Plantation

Ananthagiri hills had linked to the route of Araku trip, so this became the part of my Araku trip. The place is heaven for coffee lovers like me where coffee is planted, harvested, and dried. Most of the tribal’s living is based on the coffee plantation. Tall trees of pepper give the greenery and shade for berries-loaded coffee shrubs. This place is a must in Araku trip if you are a nature lover.

spices_in_arakuAnanthagiri hills offer the best trekking routes for visitors. Some adventures travellers find Araku valley as trekking place though valley has many picturesque lands with lots of greenery. Breathtaking view from an altitude of 1168m in Ranga Reddy district where you can listen bird’s chirping very clear.

Tribal Museum

Araku_valley_tripTribal Museum discovers the details of the tribal culture of Eastern ghats. Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation established Tribal Museum for the devotion of the tribe’s culture and value. 

Again, dioramas made of clay have placed to depict the tribe’s day to day activities, which is an awe-inspiring section of the museum. Mud walls adorn the surrounding of the museum, and over it, cultural drawings and artwork are made by tribals.


No travel diary of Vizag can be complete without mentioning the taste of the magnificent chicken dish here. I had tasted this divine tribal dish and my lunch at the “Annapurna Hotel”. 
araku_special_dish Araku_bamboo_chicken

Araku especial “Bamboo chicken,” which is typically prepared in Bamboo sticks and leaves the bamboo flavour in the chicken. So don’t forget to taste this classic dish, and I guarantee you will not forget the taste of it; I still have that mouthwatering taste on my tongue.
The tribal make this cuisine of preparing food in bamboo as their living options. 
During the journey, I had “Barbecue Bamboo Chicken” which is prepared by the street vendors and that was awesome in taste as you can see how tempting in the picture. This street dish was very cheap, but still yummy.

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