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The mediocrity of life is nothing but failure in performing excellence or extraordinary performance in all areas of life or even many areas of your life.

Mediocre people will have their own choice not to do and living a middle-class life. Some people are deluded so much in their fate that they think it cannot be changed, what all bad happening is written in our fate. With this thought they cannot be upgraded in life and wish to do something different and good is diminished.

Remember mediocrity is not a curse, it’s just your choice not to give your best, not to explore full measure of your gift and talents, and to shun personal growth and development.


Mediocre people want to settle in one particular field and one company. For this kind of mentality people its very obvious that they will do exactly the same what boss asks for, without any question, and they just obey their boss and keep head down and do their work. In this scenario, chances of firing people are rare but chances in remaining at the same position are high without any increments. These people stay in the same company for so long and later if they wish to change company other company will doubt on your capability and arise a question why haven’t you moved at all in these years and here you lose your value.

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Sometimes this mediocrity cannot be a threat to you in front of some managers. Some managers cannot bear it when an employee is too ambitious and too smart.

No high risk of failure in mediocrity but less risk of getting fired. Now you can understand you cannot compare appealing a mediocre life to joy and vitality experience when living a daring adventure life.


Mediocre always have one hand distant from learning and growth and they don’t like the concept of challenge. Being mediocre seek the delusion of failure at times. Many times it happened those who perform well in part of life will have always had to strive longer and harder path because of mediocrity.

If you want to be out of mediocrity just once taste the excellence. Never mind, if you are mediocre at a lot of things but constantly probing those things for gaining knowledge and experience this can bring change in your personality.

Be bold, fearless and think you are the lion who never sleeps. What kind of mindset you have in defining mediocrity.

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