Best Ways To Keep Private Parts Clean

When its come to personal hygiene first thing that comes to our mind is soap and clean water but that’s not enough as soap contains strong detergent agents which disturbs the pH balance of the intimate area and led to many genito problems. This is a reality about every female their private part area skin has gone through months or maybe years of neglect. Bad odour always concerns the lady and draws attention on every other moment which is quite interrupting.

Physiology of a female reproductive part says — Vagina is the self-cleansing part which means female don’t have to carry the burden of cleaning it every other day but vulva, on the other hand, requires manual cleaning. You may get confused when the doctor uses ‘vagina’ and ‘vulva’ interchangeably but above statement clarifies your confusion if you read again.

It is scientifically proven that for good hygiene every woman needs to clean the outside of the vagina to prevent bad odour and infections. Here comes feminine hygiene wash to keep your vaginal pH and healthy bacteria in balance. Intimate or hygiene washes are different from perfumed soap and shower gels because intimate washes protect your vaginal pH levels and a healthy balance of bacteria.

As this specially formulated not to disrupt the pH balance of vulvovaginal. During menstrual, constant wearing sanitary pads and tampon consequently makes the environment to grow unwanted bacteria in this very sensitive and delicate area. So it is mandatory to take extra care for this part during menstrual. This extra care can be given by-products which are formulated as per vagina needs. One product which claims to be formulated to maintain good vulvovaginal health is Everteen Intimate wash.


Everteen is a brand inclined for feminine intimate wash formulation which is approved by Indian FDA. Everteen is evolved by using 100 per cent natural ingredients and this gives extra support to all skin type. Everteen Intimate wash is designed using a unique pH-balanced formula that fights harmful bacterial growth.

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My Experience With Everteen Intimate Wash:

I was struggling with itching on the groin area in menstruation and bad odour for months. To reduce bad odour I tried a couple of fragrance product which rather cause dryness and altered the pH of my lady part and subsequently resulted in infection and bad odour. After consulting through a gynaecologist I started with Everteen Intimate wash. After regular use of this product for two months I found amazing results with very clean and toned up feeling. Vulvovaginal infection and odour issue have terminated and left my lady part blissful.


Facts About The Product:

1. Formulation of the product with natural ingredients.

2. Recommended to use mandatorily during periods

3. Suitable for all skin types

4. Suitable for all females after reaching puberty

5. Product is free from SLS and SLES

How To Use:

Everteen natural intimate wash is easy to use. Please follow the directions below:
l Wet the vaginal area
2 Pour sufficient quantity of Everteen Natural Intimate Wash on your palm
3 Apply externally on the vulvovaginal area and rub for a good lather
4 Rinse thoroughly
5 On a day-to-day basis, use Everteen Natural Intimate wash at least twice daily
6 You can use it more frequently during periods, sex, workout or excessive perspiration


* For external use only
* Avoid contact with eyes
* Keep out of reach of children


Product Details: 

Colour- Bumblebee yellow
Price – 105 ml is 180/-
Consistency – Moderate and flowy
Smell- Mild sweet herb scent
Packaging – It comes in easy-to-use packaging plastic transparent bottle with a flip-flop cap.

Where to buy:

This product is available in stores including general and medical stores.
Also, you can order from its official website-
You can also save your time from ordering it from the most trusted online store- Amazon at discount (Everteen Intimate Wash)

l Made with 100% naturally active ingredient
l Safe to be used in the sensitive part
l Free from SLS, SLES, and other harsh chemicals
l Possess anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
l Suitable for all skin types
l Mild fragrance

My verdict over Everteen Intimate Wash:

I recommend here to use this product more often and use during menstrual days without forgetting. The reason I am intending the use during menstruation is that pH of gets altered and gives an opportunity for unwanted bacteria to grow and easily it turns up in infection. Everteen intimate wash is must-have for all ladies out there.

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