10 Self-Grooming Tips For Women During Quarantine

Almost 190 countries in the world are getting infected with coronavirus and thus government declared complete lockdown. For the safety of people, government mandates to be self-quarantine at home and shut all businesses and government offices from getting this situation worse over the nation. In this Coronavirus Quarantine time, women face a difficult time when it comes to grooming herself. Self-Grooming tips for women during this quarantine are as below:


1. Trim and file your nails

Quarantine does not means stop your indoor activity including grooming and self-caring. Trimming your nails is very important in this coronavirus outbreak. Since long nails are obviously unhygienic and that may worsen the situation. Trim and file your nails regularly and whenever you feel they grown than required. At home trimming and filing your nails are the easiest job among the list.

2. Haircare

You can use this quarantine time with masking your hair full of nourishing hair mask. You can prepare your DIY hair mask with just three kitchen available ingredients. Ingredients are Avocado, Coconut milk and olive oil. Grind all three at the same time and create a paste-like consistency. There you go with your volumizing and moisturising hair mask.


3. Shave your brows

You can recreate your salon-like experience at home with following these instructions. Buy a ladies face shaving blade which every lady have already. It is safe to use and it works magic that shapes your brows and recreates your brows as you want. Keep always face the mirror on the stand and one hand on blade and other on skin.


#Tip: Do patch test with the blade over your back neck area to avoid irritation if you get through the blade.

4. Nail art

Without nail art, your nail can’t refresh your mood. Trust me, stylish nail paints and nail art changes the world to the lady and build her confidence to the next level. Use your favourite colour to make your nails attractive which will bring it to your notice. Simple nail art looks elegant so don’t go for nail full of art.


5. Shave your face

I know that sounds horrible and most of us believe that once face shaved in return we get thicker and darker hair on the face. This hack turns out worth in quarantine time. This is important that you pick the right face or eyebrow razor, not the usual ladies razor which might be harsh on your skin.

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6. Teeth whitening and fresh breaths

So far beauty and grooming are around the trend but clean and white teeth are also the main part of beauty and grooming. Take teeth whitening product and use twice a day for immediate brightening

7. Skincare time

Ditch that flaky skin by following a skincare routine for day and night. Set your skincare routine if you don’t have one. Regular clean-ups helps to maintain a clean and healthy skin. You can create the salon-like experience by playing relaxing music of your choice, putting on the diffuser with your favourite essential oil. Following the five clean-up steps; viz Cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, face mask, and moisturization.


8. Manicure and Pedicure

This quarantine may give a much-needed break to your hand and leg hair but if salons are closed you still can wax and pamper your hands and legs at home. You need hair removal cream with applicator and remover and after lotion.


9. Yoga or Home exercises

Quarantined at home for a long period with no further workout can impose a significant challenge to remain physically active. Either do morning yoga so the whole day goes fresh or home exercise with easy steps like squats, side-knee lift, superman, push-ups, planks, chair-dips and chest opener.

Home yoga

10. Eyecare

Don’t you think eye requires special care as it suffers a lot more than usual during the quarantine time? After back to back watching web series or playing games your eyes needs some calmness and extra care. Use ophthalmologically recommended eye serum or eye cream to soothe and protect them.

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