Immunity is the major concern during and after this COVID-19 outbreak and taking care of your body is your duty. While in this quarantine we are bound to be at home and we need to find ways of how to increase immunity to fight corona and how to clean hands every other minute. So today I am up with one of the easiest ways to boost immunity and fight coronavirus tips.


Kalonji black seeds are also called as nigella seeds or Black cumin seeds. These are widely used in Indian Cusine and has a long history of providing a range of health benefits. Some of the health benefits are:
1. Boosts memory
2. Prevent Diabetes
3. Controls BP
4. Promote good heart health
5. Strengthens teeth
6. Home remedy for cold and cough
7. Aids in weight loss
8. Heals cracked heels
9. Remedy for constipation
10. Act as painkiller


Worldwide we are trying all possible ways to protect ourselves from coronavirus or COVID-19. These nigella seeds are the best way to strengthen immunity by adding these seeds into our diets. Along with all the above health benefits, it also adds potential to beat unwanted bacteria and infection.

These magical tiny seeds can be incorporated into our diets with the number of ways. One is eating raw, and the second easiest ways are to roast and add them to your meals. Or have these roasted seeds with warm water in empty stomach for more effects. Taste of black cumin seed is bitter. Consuming it raw or roasted make you hate for the first shot and you feel never again to consume it. So here’s the blessing for this bitter taste. Nature Sure Kalonji tablets are purely made of nigella seeds or kalonji. These tablets are packed with all goods and benefits of kalonji and the best thing is it mask the bitterness of the seeds without compromising on benefits. This method is a direct immune booster for COVID-19 positive patient.


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Nature Sure kalonji tablets are packed with antioxidants which revert into neutralizing the free radicals and prevent oxidative cell damage. Kalonji tablets contain compounds like Thymoquinone, carvacrol, t-anethole, and 4-terpinol which all responsible for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. All these properties make it the best for boosting overall health. Kalonji is excellent in treating asthma and nasal congestion. These tablets are help weight loser with fat-burning process. Nature’s blessing to live a healthy life.

Nature Sure Claims: Each tablet is 100 per cent natural and contains 300mg of kalonji extract. Nature Sure Kalonji Black Seed Tablets are made with highest grade ingredients at GMP and ISO certified units approved by Directorate Of Ayush.

Dosage as per brand: Consume two tablets with water three times a day or as directed by the physician.

Precaution Tips: Pregnant and lactating mother please avoid consumption. If a person is already on some other medication then he needs to consult the doctor to go for this consumption.

Packaging: These tablets comes in black colour plastics sturdy bottle which protects from direct sunlight exposure.

Price: This 90 tablets bottle retails for 395/-

Disclaimer: Results will vary from person to person. Variability is due to change in lifestyle, diet, body mass distribution.

Availability: Buy from Flipkart, Amazon, and Nature Sure

Based on the above facts I highly recommend Nature Sure’s Kalonji tablets to protect yourself from any kind of disease and not only COVID-19 but also that serve many other health benefits too.

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