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Covid-19 Lockdown provided us with ample time and opportunity to think out of the box for innovative waste management ideas during lockdown. Although this lockdown inclined some of our minds not to function as well as they were before for having said that being at home or not meeting other people dulls the creativity. Fortunately, that’s not the case with creative minds which are blossoming through innovative waste management ideas during lockdown. An outbreak of Covid-19 Pandemic has already disturbed the world economy. Why not innovate the existing material and recycle the waste to make things work within the budget.

Turn Byproducts into something Useful through the innovative waste management ideas without affecting the environment.

  • Re-Use of Plastics
  • Organic Waste
  • Re-Use Fabric

1. Re-Use of Plastics

Plastics are the most invisible burden on the earth. However, there are ways you can limit or re-organise plastic usage. Lockdown has given the opportunity for the people to be creative and interesting with plastic re-use. Soon sharing some crafty and easy plastic revamping ideas. Below things can help you scale down the plastic wastage into innovative ideas during the lockdown.

  1. Vertical Gardening

These days vertical gardening is preferred over plot gardening. Majority innovation goes with Vertical gardening as it incorporates less space and easy to maintain. Plastic bottles can be best re-use option with regards to vertical gardening.

Vertical Gardening

2. Flower Vase

Again, nature is healing. Yes, nature’s beauty can be enhanced by plastic re-use into a flower vase. Utilise this luxurious lockdown time to make a flower vase out of a plastic bottle. Easiest among the list of plastic re-use ideas.

Plastic Vase
Plastic Vase

3. DIY Stands

Up-cycle the plastic bottle into pen and pencil stand, toothbrush stand, jewellery stand, etc. Declutter your plastic hallway closet which can be recycled and make multi-purpose storage stands.

Pen Stand from Plastic jar

2. Organic waste

i. Kenya has developed an astounding way to utilize human waste for creating a fuel. They manufacture charcoals for generating fuel from the human feces or excreta. First let it dry ina greenhouse for 2 to 3 weeks, Later they burn the dried excreta at 700 degree Celsius by which unpleasant smell get vanished and this end product can be used as cooking fuel. Charcoal generates least smoke and smell and burn longer than the ordinary firewood.

ii. In Banglore, India residents turn organic waste into renewable energy of biogas. They compost the organic waste in a composite and process it with adding fertilizers. 4tonnes of processed waste converted into 100 kg of biogas which is further used as cooking fuel. Hotels utilizes this biogas to cook 3000 meals a day.

iii. Swedish people are good at recycling and reusing. In short, Sweden apply zero waste power to brighten the whole country. Infact, they import 8 tonnes of organic waste from countries like the UK, Norway, Italy, and Ireland to feed their plants.

iv. This one is amazing for reusing coconut husk for swapping the wood material. Building boards are completely made from coconut husk instead of wood or cutting down trees for such sake. With this new innovation process we can save more from cutting or logging and utilize the waste(coconut husk considered as waste).

3. Re-use of Fabric

Clothes can be reused in multiple ways depending upon the type of material.

Mask is our new everyday staple in fashion and became necessary precaution to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Innovation has also taken place in mask creation and added in the fashion accessory category here to say. Below are the pictures as the proof of innovation in the mask. Every brand or individual striving to showcase their style through the variant innovation of the mask. Below are some social media account shoutouts who tried innovating the mask pattern using recycled material which I liked most. Hope you too enjoy.

Mask creativity
Source- Social Media
Lockdown innovation
mask innovation covid
innovation during lockdown

Nike (historical name- Blue Ribbons Sports) is the brand which focuses more on recycled material. You can say throughout Nike brand journey uses 75% recycled polyester materials for their shoes and apparel collection. Nike is the top brand for using recycled polyester in the industry.

Doodlage is the India based fashion brand which is a perfect blend of sustainability and innovation. They maximize their investment in importing the left unused leftover post-cutting fabrics from other retailers and large manufacturers to create some unique piece out of it. They uses organic material like corn fabric, cotton fabric and banana fabric. They have amazing broad collection check out- Doodlage


Hope you have enjoyed these innovative waste management ideas during lockdown. Comment down below your favorite waste management ideas.

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