I always feel to feed my skin with some really good skincare products on day to day basis. But the time and the effort to make the product always struck my mind to do it some other day. Did I mention Facial sheet mask exactly quits that all ‘tamzham‘? So, I will be talking about Mirabelle facial sheet mask review. Yes, all you need is to open and apply the sheet and that’s it. Your skin gets all essential nutrients which in the piece sheet mask. Sheet masks are also the best option for a less messy face mask.
Here’s is one such brand called Mirabelle which is a Korean brand. I had used facial sheet masks from two different brands prior using this Mirabelle one. Ultimately, I fall in love with Mirabelle sheet masks. I tried a total of three variants including today’s Aleo vera, Berry and Rose essential sheet mask. It revitalizes and deeply hydrates the skin and bring the glow to the skin instantly. Mirabella sheet mask made in Korea but specifically designed for Indian men and women skin.

Let’s begin with the Mirabelle Facial Sheet Mask Review.


Mirabelle Cosmetics Korea presents 6 different variants in a facial sheet mask with Korean skincare formula to enhance the youthful skin. There is a single facial sheet mask present per packet. Mirabella Sheet mask contains full saturated serum sheet which makes it dripping down when opens. The serum is full of essential oil and ingredients with authentic rose fragrance.

This sheet mask gives nutrient, moisture to your skin and balances the oil and water to smooth skin. The sheet is made of 100% cellulose which marks safe to use for all type of skin.

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Content: One facial sheet mask packet contains 25 ml/0.84 f l.oz. serum.

Price: 129/- per packet

Color of serum: Slightly transparent to whitish.

For Whom: From normal to dry skin.

Smell: Rose

Size: Free size. Appropriate to all face sizes.

Purchase Link: Mirabelle Cosmetics Korea Facial Sheet Masks

Korean facial sheet mask

Direction To Use

Application of a facial sheet mask is a little tricky. You need to be extra cautious while opening the sheet mask because the sheet is made of cellulose and delicate to hold and dripping serum. The serum is having good consistency to hold up on the skin. After applying keep it for 20-25 minutes to dry and absorb the moisture and juice.

Watch this video for practical experience and guaranteed results. Mirabelle Facial Sheet Mask For Instant Glowing Skin

Do’s and Don’t for a facial sheet mask

Do a rubbing massage to the packet before opening so that it distributes serum evenly over the sheet.

Don’t wash off the face right after removing the sheet mask. Keep the serum on the face.

Do the massage with leftover serum on the face like shown in the video. This helps to absorb the serum into the skin.

Don’t let the serum get in contact with the eyes.

Don’t re-use the sheet again on face. It can be used on hand and leg massage with the remaining serum in the packet.

Store the packet at cool place.

Do apply the sheet mask on clear and without makeup skin. Freshly wash and then use it.

During the process of drying the sheet on face, do not perform any facial activity like eating, talking,etc. Keep it as it is for minimum 20 minutes.

So now you know how easy and quick results you can get from a facial sheet mask. If you found this article helpful then don’t forget to share and comment. See you soon in next blog.

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